How to Stay Positive, Even When You Don’t Feel Like it



What do you find it easier to do: Count your blessings; or count your failures? Count the things that you have done, or count the things you haven’t?

I know which one is easier for me.

I guess I’m good at complaining. My husband tells me, in his American accent, that it’s a British thing.

Maybe it is, I’m not sure though.

All I know, is that I find it easy to complain. Whether it’s about the weather, work, or where I’m living: I find it much easier to notice what has gone wrong than what has gone right. Continue reading


Holy Week Devotions: Worship Your King!


Quiz Time! What did the two women who found Jesus’ tomb empty do?

a) Not tell anyone what they had seen, they were miserable!

b) Run, filled with joy, to tell the disciples.

I’m sure you know that the answer is, in fact, b. When you find out something amazing has happened you don’t keep it to yourself, you tell people. After Joe proposed to me, I called all the necessary people, then put it on facebook as quickly as possible. I didn’t want to keep news like that to myself for long. I couldn’t have, even if I tried!

So why do we keep the most amazing and exciting news ever to ourselves? Why don’t we get excited about it? We should be shouting and screaming like the mental fans at football matches or One Direction concerts, not just sitting there smiling sweetly.

This Easter I want to learn something from my husband.

You see, he’s American and I’m English. We respond to things very differently. Imagine we went to the pictures to watch a film, and we both enjoyed it, his response would be: That was so¬†AWESOME!!!!! The MOST amazing thing I has ever seen!!! Where as I would say: Yeah, I liked it. It was enjoyable, wasn’t it?

This Easter, lets learn something from the Americans, let’s get properly excited about Easter. After all, the son of God died so that you didn’t have to, and then he came back to life. If anything is worth getting excited about, and telling everyone you know about, Jesus’ resurrection is!