Great Reads for Autumn 2016


I’ve recently had to move house and leave my job due to unforeseen circumstances. Thankfully I now have another job in the pipeline, once all the paper work has gone through.

It’s been a tough couple of months, but it has meant that in the last few weeks I have had time to catch up on doing some of the things I love, like reading and crochet!

These are books I have read and enjoyed during this transient time, that I think others will enjoy as well. I am thankful to the publishers and Netgalley for allowing me to read the following in exchange for an honest review. Continue reading


New Biblical Fiction Summer 2016

I was unsure about reading biblical fiction. After all is it really even biblical to mess around with bible stories?

For this reason I began reading these books with some trepidation, looking our for misinterpretations of scripture. But although I didn’t agree with everything these authors wrote, I found that reading these books gave me a greater understanding of the stories they were based on and left me reaching for my bible.

Yes, some artistic licence had been used, but reading these books got me excited about the bible stories in a new way and truly blessed me. I am sharing these reviews as  I am certain they will bless other women as well.


cover80016-mediumLand of Silence by Tessa Afshar

I’ve read the story of Jesus healing the woman who suffered from the disease of the blood so many times. But I never really  thought about the life of the woman Jesus healed, or how deeply this illness would have affected her.
How she would not be able to simply hug her friends, how people would be considered unclean after sitting in the same chair as her, how she would have to have become such an outcast.
This story, although a work of fiction, really opened my eyes to the life that woman might have led, and the huge impact Jesus restoring would have had on her life, not only healing her physically. (like I had previously imagined) but restoring her dignity, and in the process, giving her a whole knew life as well.
I highly recommend this, the story of Elianna, a tale of heartbreak and hope, to anyone. Read it and be reminded how Jesus transforms lives if we just take a risk and reach out to him.

cover79750-mediumCounted with the Connilyn Cossette

This book started out brilliantly, it was so interesting reading about the plagues from the point of view of an Egyptian slave girl, Kiya.
This book really made me think about the story in a new light, the faith of the Hebrews and the fear that must have been running through the hearts of the Egyptians as  all they had worked for fade away.
This part of the story was definitely the strongest for me.  The second half, focused on the Exodus, was fun to read, but became more of a romance set against the backdrop of history, it was still interesting, but just not as good as the first half.
I would definitely recommend this book, for the interesting point of view, and the way it may me think about a very familiar story in a new way.

Have you ever  read any biblical fiction? Are there any books you would recommend?

These books were both received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



Summer Reading: Part 2


Hello, thanks for stopping by, I’m excited to share a few more books I have been reading recently!

cover55178-mediumBuying Samir by Kimberley Rae

I would honestly recommend everyone reads this book. It takes less than an hour to read, but has loads to say!

Despite being fiction this book shares an important message about the many, many adults and children who are trafficked each year. It touches on so many areas of this trade, slave labour, the black market for human body parts and the sex trade, all in a way that is still suitable for teenagers

This story is the sequel to Capturing Jasmina, and continues telling her story. After being rescued by a group of a group of missionaries, she decides to go in search of her younger brother Samir, only to discover that he has become the thing they both despise the most.

I’m not going to give away any more of the plotline, but I will say this: just read this book! You will not regret it!

cover64663-mediumThe Woods Edge by Lori Benton

An epic tale following the consequences of one man’s terrible mistake.

When Major Aubrey’s wife gives birth to a still born child, he cannot face sharing this tragedy with his wife. So he does the unthinkable, swaps their baby with another, one of a native American, who has given birth to twins. Secrets don’t remain secret for long, and soon she discovers one of her sons has been stolen!

This story follows the life of both these boys, one bought up as a white child and one living with his natural Native American parents.

Wow, this is one emotional story, you can’t get much more heart wrenching than a stolen baby. This story is told from the perspectives of both families, so you are able to really get inside the heads of all the characters, and sympathise with them, despite the wrongs they commit. Lori Benton conveys the emotions brilliantly, and handles a large cast of characters with confidence and skill.

If you want to get lost in a really big sweeping tale I would definitely recommend this book.

cover44900-mediumCourageous Gentleness by Mary Ann Froehlich

Gentleness is not always considered to be a desirable attribute in todays culture. The book aims to turn this idea on its head. After all, if Jesus practiced gentleness- we should too!

This book really is a fab little guide to gentleness throughout the bible. I read one chapter a night as a kind of devotional. It goes really deep, and at times it is so challenging it is almost hard to read., but I would challenge you to persevere with it.

This book is biblically sound, however there isn’t as much real life application or as many stories as I would like to have seen. I really connect to stories, and would have appreciated a few more in this book. I would really recommend this book if you want to learn more about gentleness. If, like me, you prefer book with more application, it might be worth giving this one a miss.

Have you read any great books recently? Let me know in the comments!

What Keeps You up at Night by Pete Wilson


This is a great book for anyone who is struggling to find Gods will for their life, or who thinks they know it, but are just unsure about how they are going to achieve it.

Pete explains how we can overcome fear and live the life we were created for.He uses biblical examples and stories from his own life and those of his friends to illustrate the points he makes. Although it was an easy read, it certainly left me with a lot to think about. The questions at the end of each chapter were helpful, and the action points were both useful and doable!

There are so many great quotes in this book. As I was reading it I found myself texting my husband the great things I had read in this book. Here’s one I particularly liked.

“The bigger the dream, the bigger the fight you will face. In fact the people in history who have been most directly in the centre of God’s will are the ones who have faced the toughest trails.”

If this quote speaks to your heart, or if you have big dreams, I would seriously recommend you get your hands on this book!

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