I have written several series of devotionals, and quite a few stand alone ones too! This is where you can find them all.

****Current Series**** The Armour of God

Put on Your Belt of Truth, Everyday!
Protect Your Heart with the Breastplate of Righteousness

Holy Week Devotions a series of Devotions to take you through Holy week, based around the theme of Jesus our King.

Palm Sunday: The King on a Donkey
Monday: King of the Church
Tuesday: King of My Heart
Wednesday: King Despite my Failures
Maundy Thursday: In God’s Kingdom
Good Friday: King Unto Death
Easter Saturday: King, Even in the Waiting
Easter Sunday: Worship Your King!

If I had it to Live Over Again I Would…

Reflect More
Risk More
Do More Things that Leave a Lasting Impact After I’m Gone

Stand Alone Devotions

Cherry Drop Princess my very first post!
Sliding into Sin 
Grow Where God Plants You 
Precious Treasure 
The Bible is Like the Monopoly Rule Book
How to Read the Bible and Enjoy it!
Think about what You think About 
Get Yourself Plugged into God
Love is… Valentines day devotional
Mirror Mirror on the Wall; Who’s the Fairest of them all?
She Laughs at the Days to Come
There’s no Place Like Home
Does God Care about what You Wear?
The Truth in the Mirror: A story of God’s Love for You
How can I Love the Hard to Love?
Boxtrolls and Freedom reflections from the excellent movie!
Glow Like Stained Glass Windows and Sparkle Like Diamonds

Guest Devotions

Getting into the Wheel Barrow- Focus on the one who pushes by Linsy Crowhurst


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