New Christian Fiction Autumn 2016

Just dropping some reviews of awesome Christian fiction, that has been released in the last couple of months.

Avid reader of Cherry Drop Princess will know that I was initially quite sceptical of Christian fiction, until I read some that is! Yes, sure, some of them are cheesey, and badly written, but plenty aren’t. And they’re not all romance either. It’s also refreshing to read something that’s not going to be too icky, in either a gruesome or sexual way.

All these books are highly reccomended, but if I was forced to choose one favourite it would have to be Child of the River by Irma Joubert.


A Portait of Emily Price By Katherine Reay

A lovely love story, Italy, art true love and redemption.
A portrait of Emily price tells the story of Emily, fixer extraordinaire! She can fix anything, from art to children’s toys to coffee machines, but can she fix her own relationships.
Just when u thought this story was going to be cliche chick lit it took some unexpected turns and explored ideas often overlooked. (Sorry if I’m being a bit vague I don’t want to give too much away!)
Anyway, I highly reccomend thus book, a great one to sit back relax and read, preferably with a bit of chocolate close to hand!


Long Way Gone by Charles Martin

A moving and emotional tale, based loosely on the parable of the prodigal son.
You know there’s good storie and then there’s great stories. This is a great story and one that I know will stay with me for a very long time to come.
I highly reccomend this story, especially to anyone who is atall musical, as there are many many musical references in this book, a lot of which went right over my head. At times I found these a little distracting, but not enough to ruin a beautiful tale, and I’m sure someone more musically inclined would love them!


Child of the River by Irma Joubert

I really enjoyed this book of one girls life set against the South African backdrop of political unrest during the Second World War and the apartheid,
The characters were great, especially strong willed Persomi, who took her life into her hands and overcame the hardships facing her, but my favourite thing about this book was the setting. The on,y other book I have read set in South Africa is the girl from the train, by the same author, so it was unique and interesting to me. It was a great reminder of how global the Second World War was, I normally tend to think of Europe, and forget that people all over the globe joined the fight, it was also interesting to read about how the apartheid affected Asians.
I highly recommend this book, not only for the unforgettable story, but for the interesting setting as well.


Unblemished by Sara Ella

I am so conflicted about how to rate this book; parts were really good, but then some of it was just plain confusing.
I’ll start with the good: I really liked the play between light and darkness: (the verity and void) in this book. The way that darkness can take hold, but then light can overcome it was a powerful image. I’m intigued to see how the author builds on this in future books. (I’m sure there will be future books, after that cliff hanger!)
I thought the characters were well don, I liked Eliyana, but she wasn’t too perfect, got annoyed at times, and had some irritating habbits herself.
There were also a lot of plot twists, many of which I did see coming. This leads me into what I didn’t like.
The book was just plain confusing, at times I was completely lost. There were so so many characters, I don’t think that it helped that some of them had similar names.
I also found the writers style quite hard at times. She seemed to have a thing for One. Word. Sentences. At times there could be several on one page. she also loved sound effects (crunch, slam, sigh, etc etc) long words, and italics. While all these things can be good, they were over used, to the point of distracting the reader from the plot.
All in all it was a decent, I would be interested in reading more by the author.
Many thanks to net galley and the publisher for a review copy of this book.


A Tapestry of Secrets By Sarah Loudin Thomas

 One of those stories which is like a warm mug of hot chocolate-sweet and satisfying.
It’s a fairly slow paced read, but interesting enough to keep you turning the pages.
Ella, an artist, has returned to her home town to look after her nan, who is recovering from a stroke. Perla, her nan is desperate to share a secret that has plagued her for years, but now finds herself unable to do so.
This book is worth the read, although not as enjoyable as earlier books in the series, it good conclusion to the saga.
I recommend this book to people who don’t mind their stories set at a slower pace, or a love triangle/square.


Fatal Frost By Nancy Mehl

As a child I loved famous five and secret seven books. As I’ve got older, I’ve avoided them, mostly because of the violence and gore. I feel this is where this book comes into its own, you know there’s going to be nothing inappropriate in it (well apart from one word which I sincerely hope means something different in America to England, (You’ll have to read it for yourself because I’m not going to write it, it’s so embarrassing!)
Okay enough with the preamble, this story was an exciting page turner. Nancy is police officer who’s had to go into hiding from a massive gang who is after her. As more secrets become revealed the plot gets thicker until you know your not going to bed until you’ve finished. Highly reccomended for fans of an exciting yet safe read.

Thanks for reading to the end. I’ll be back next week, talking about how following is more important than leading, a devotional based around a child hood favourite, The Secret Garden, and starting a new series on spending ethically this Christmas.


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