How NOT to Read the Bible


Reading the bible is, in fact, really simple. But I am just so good at making it complicated! Here are just a few of the ways I have managed to do that.

Thinking I need all the right equipment. Bible journaling seems to be the real in thing at the moment. All the cool kids on Instagram are doing it. (If you don’t know what it is search bible journaling on Pinterest, it’s definitely worth a look) Of course I you can’t possibly do this until you have the perfect new bible with the extra wide margins; a full range of colouring pencils and sharpies; some of that ridiculously overpriced patterned sello-tape and maybe some stickers, glitter and a set of stamps.

Now I really think this is a great idea, one that I want to try my very un-artistic hand at, and one that I believe really will help people engage in reading the bible. But do we really need all that stuff to be able to read the bible. Can’t we just pick it up and read? After all, to read the bible, all we really need is the bible!

Sticking with a bible reading plan or devotional book, just because I feel bad for quitting. How many times have I done this one! And then just end up getting bored and wanting to give up. News flash! Reading the bible should be fun! Do it how you want to do it. One reading plan or devo might work for a while. But then it just becomes samey. Don’t be afraid to try something new, or even do something different each day of the week. Maybe one day use a devotional, one day go back over a favourite bible verse and the next write out a passage. Just make sure you choose to do it in a way that you find interesting.

Leaving reading the bible until last thing at night. (And then just reading a Psalm so I can tick it of my list.) Oh this is a bad idea, a bad, bad idea. But this is probably the one I am the most guilty of. somehow reading the bible gets pushed to the last thing at night, when I’m too tired to even watch telly. I know I can’t get much out of reading it at that time of day, when I am at my least productive, but yet I still do it!

Why don’t I realise that forcing myself to read the bible when my eyes are shutting just makes it more difficult? I don’t think I’m ever going to be someone who can get up and do it first thing in the morning. But I really do need to find a better time to do it, give it the attention that it deserves. to give God the attention he deserves.

At the end of the day, we just need to be reading the bible, lets not over complicate something so simple. Lets not make something that should be fun into a chore. And lets not be made to feel guilty if our way is different to any one else’s.




29 thoughts on “How NOT to Read the Bible

  1. I find it hard too. I like to listen to sermons like Graham Cooke on YouTube and read after. Or listen to worship first.
    But there is no form. Life is busy and I grab what I can. Sometimes there are snacks here and there. Other times I like to read more 😊

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  2. One that works for someone doesn’t always work for everyone. As research has proven true, we retain 10% of what we read or listen to, 40% of what we write and 99% of what we teach. True enough, I tend to remember the ones I write the ones I write in my journal. 🙂

    The bottom line is God desires that we read our Bible with our ears and hearts open which is a big challenge too due to our sinful human nature. Thank God for His grace too! 🙂


  3. When I first came to faith I wanted to read the bible right through which I did. Then I struggled for a while to know how to read it. Now I tend to follow a yearly reading plan which is read to me as I have breakfast and clean my teeth ect. Then I might pick up with a daily devotional or be reading for a talk I am doing. However I have got to the point of not quilt tripping if I miss a day and I do try to make sure I ask the Holy Spirit for help. As you say you have to find what works for you and be flexible.

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  4. While creativity is nice, I too agree we need to just read. For me, reading, learning, and applying is the most important. I am a firm believer that creating draws us closer to the Lord. However, for some, it is creating a delicious meal or painting a canvas. If we do not have the Word planted within our souls, we sell ourselves short. Thank you for this great reminder today. As a creative person, the reminder to simply read and take in His word first and foremost is perfect.

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    • Yes being creative is important, and a great expression of worship for God, I think that the problem for me is that I use it as an excuse to go and buy more stuff, and then let that actually get in the way of me spending time with God


  5. so true and I agree we make it over complicated. there are journaling bibles that already have some of the verses artistically drawn for you and lines so you can take notes or draw yourself. 🙂 my stick figures are awful so I love this kind

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  6. There a couple times the Bible mentions Jesus praying and talking to God very early in the morning. So I kind of stick to that. I get up a little extra early in order to do it. What better way to start your day and get a positive mindset!

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  7. I just got my hands on a new Bible that I think will make Bible study more fun for me! “The ILLustrator’s NoteTaking Bible” has the extra space to take notes, so I can write down something important from the study, or write a verse that really speaks to me. It also has drawings that I can color if I want. I just use ordinary highlighters and color pens, nothing expensive or fancy. I just did a review on it on my blog, so if you want to see where you can get a copy, just click my name to get to my blog, then search for “book reviews” or click that category and you will see it. I have links to Amazon, Lifeway, Barnes and Noble. They all have the Bible on sale right now.

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  8. Like you, I too find when I read my Bible before bed, I tend to rush through it instead of meditating on it. Thusly, for me, it works better to read in the mornings or afternoons.
    I do think that for each person it is going to be different times of the day depending on what’s going on in their lives at that time.
    I don’t know if this will help you, but in order to get my mind focused on reading God’s word in the mornings, I pray a prayer thanking God for what he has given me and asking God for insight as I read. It helps shift my mind from wanting to sleep a little longer to wanting to spend time with him.
    Maybe whenever you read, you might say a prayer first. 🙂
    Great post!

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    • That sounds like a great way to keep up with bible reading. I’m not great at reading emails though, so I’m not sure how well it would work for me, bit it’s interesting that were all different!


  9. You brought up many good and interesting points. They all make perfect sense and really offers a breath of fresh air . Bible reading should be fun and easy. I love bible journaling but i admit i make it difficult on myself when I try to stick to a reading plan. So hard to do. I just pick up my bible and read sometimes in the morning and sometimes at night. Even if I sneak in just a paragraph I always mark where I leave off and then continue when I can. I make slow progress but at least I’m drinking the word a bit each day.

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    • I’ve just started writing in my bible, but kind of make it up as I go along. Looking at Pinterest is never a great idea for me, because it makes me feel really inadequate. But when I just let go, I find that it is really beneficial.

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