When Nobody is Watching


When Joe’s on a night shift and I have the house to myself in the evening, for some reason I always feel about a million times hungrier than I usually would: I’m raiding the cupboards for any chocolate or crisps that might be hiding in the back, even cutting corners of lumps of cheese to feed my face. But when he’s at home I’m much more restrained, I just don’t seem to feel half as hungry.

This is probably as much down to boredom as anything; but isn’t it funny how we often act so differently when we are on our own?

This true with so many other areas in the life as well. Don’t we all act so much more lazily when we think we’re not being watched; or talk that bit more freely when we are just around family?

I know I often think that who we are when nobody is watching doesn’t matter. What’s the harm in it? After all, we can’t exactly be a good witness when nobody is watching us!

Of course who we are when nobody is watching does matter. They say that character is who you are when you are on your own.

Before King David was King, he was just shepherd boy David. A shepherd boy who had to spend a lot of time on his own with just his sheep for company. He could have spent his time sulking about having to do that mind numbing job.

He didn’t. He spent those hours worshipping God. Those hours he spent on his own in his youth shaped the man he was to become. A man who slayed giants and who was destined to become king. A man after God’s own heart.

I know it is so easy to pretend to be the perfect Christian in front of others. We know the right words to say to make it sound as if we are in the right place with God. But true faith comes when we are earnestly seeking God when nobody is watching.

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. (Luke 5:16)



6 thoughts on “When Nobody is Watching

  1. Eliminating the distractions of this world and focusing on Jesus is something we all could all do a little better. Great Though!


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