The Lie I Believed for nearly 15 Years


When I was about thirteen years old one of my “friends” told me that I should never wear my hair pulled back from my face. She told me that it didn’t suit me because I had a massive forehead.

Despite no one else ever commenting on the size of my forehead, or ever being concerned about it myself, I decided I believed her. And until recently, never wore my hair pulled straight back from my face.

Isn’t it amazing how those few little words impacted me. Of course I wouldn’t go as far as to say that they changed my life, but they did change the way I wore my hair for nearly fifteen years.

Our words can make a big impact on people’s lives. Whether we realise it or not the words we speak can bring healing or death.

We need to be careful of this and we need to responsible for this. I think this is especially true if you work with children or have them. The words that you say to them can and will shape their futures.

We also need to show some caution in accepting the words other people say about us. Not everything other people say about us is true! (I know, shocking, right?) They have their own agendas and insecurities which impact the words that they say. Who knows, the thirteen year old style expert who thought she could tell me how to wear my hair maybe had forehead issues of her own?

I personally think that if one person says something about your character that you don’t think is true, you can pretty safely set it aside and ignore it. But if multiple people say the same thing about you then maybe you should start to pay attention.

Literally everyone I have known well enough to invite into my home/ room / has seen my desk at work  would say I’m messy. So think that “Alice is messy” is probably a pretty safe assessment of my personality. But one person telling me I have a huge forehead is maybe one I should have ignored a long time ago.

The other lies we can safely ignore are the ones that go against what it says in the bible.

Maybe multiple people may have said you are useless or worthless. You can ignore them. They are liars.

God says you are precious, and that you are worth dying for. I know that’s the truth because God’s word doesn’t lie.



14 thoughts on “The Lie I Believed for nearly 15 Years

  1. Wise words! Things people said in my teens, good and bad, really influenced my behavior. It’s great when we are able to think for ourselves and focus on God’s truth instead of the lies that are told.

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  2. Oh, the power of the tongue (James 3:2-12)! I was just reading recently how it takes 5-10 positive events/words to counterbalance one negative event/word. Thanks for reminding us what really matters: What God says about who we are. Great Post!

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  3. I had the SAME thing happen to me. A guy told me my big toe was too big. I didn’t wear sandals for YEARS because of that. Words are so powerful! (He is now very bald…but I haven’t mentioned it.)

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  4. Oh my gosh yes. It’s incredible how one person’s words can have an impact on us for the rest of our lives- if we let it! I love this message, my friend. Thank you for reminding me to not believe some of the critical opinions of one voice- That message can stick on us and interfere with our worth for years. I have had many of those ‘comments’ nestle into my mind and take root too. God’s voice should ALWAYS be stronger- and heard and believed.


  5. Hi Ally! I know that I have traces of the negative thoughts that people have planted in me over the years. Even if I know they’re not right, I still am affected. The power that words have, it’s amazing isn’t it?

    It makes me realize how powerful my words are too. One thing I’m trying to be these days is more intentional, and not just blurt out thoughts. It’s not easy! I’m very used to shooting from the hip. But it’s posts like these that help me see how destructive that might be.


  6. Simply profound truth you have written here! The words we speak to others and the words we receive from others can pierce deep. Thank you for this reminder to be more careful in both areas.

    I’m joining you from Christian Women Bloggers Unite. Keep writing!


  7. It’s amazing and convicting when I think about how powerful words can be. I know that not only to I have to let it go and not take everything everyone says seriously, but I have to be careful with my words as well!


  8. This happened to me in highschool and helped trigger some very disordered thoughts about my body image. It can be hard, but we must not let other people’s thoughts and words dictate our self worth. By the way, I think you have a lovely forehead and beautiful hair 🙂


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