The Parable I don’t Like

If there is one story that Jesus told that I have always really struggled with, it would be the Parable of the Talents

You probably know the story: A  master gave one man five talents, one man two and one man only got one. This part seems pretty unfair to be, but it’s not the part that I have the most trouble with, that comes later in the story.

The two who had been given more went out and doubled their talents through trading, but the one who had been given less hid his talent away until the master returned.

Upon the masters return the two who had doubled their money gave it back to their master, who was obviously pleased and received a blessing. But the one who handed back just what he had been given was cursed.

Now, the problem I have with this story is that the one who goes and hides his talent is the one I relate to. He’s doing exactly what I would do! There is no way I would risk losing my talent by trying to trade it. I would definitely hide mine away. After all, if you do that there’s no risk of losing anything.

I let the people with the real talents step out there, while I hide in the background. I don’t try that hard because I would rather not try and fail, than try my hardest and still fail. After all I know that maybe if I had really tried I could have done well. But if I do try really hard and still fail, then I would be a true failure! In fact people like me are probably even more scared of failure than the perfectionists out there!

The thing is, this isn’t what God wants from us. He wants us to put our whole heart into all that we do. That is hard for someone with the “ninety percent good is good enough” mentality.

With God ninety percent of our heart, ninety percent of our life, is not good enough. Only one hundred percent will do. In fact, if we only give him ninety percent, we may as well have given him nothing!

That is what I need to remember in all of my life. In everything I do, I should be doing it as if I am doing it for the Lord, when only one hundred percent effort is good enough. Rather than hiding my talents I need to put them out there. I need to trust him. I need to be brave. I need to not be so scared of failure that I don’t even try.

I need to give him my all, because after all,  he did the same for me.





6 thoughts on “The Parable I don’t Like

  1. Amen! You are so right, nobody wants to take risks because in the end nobody wants to fail and lose everything. It is hard to completely trust in something you can’t see, but when I think of all the miracles our God has done that I DID indeed see, I’m reminded that His word never returns void. He is an amazing God!


  2. That’s true, and very inspiring. I’m grateful God is gracious with us and allows us to move at our own rhythm. I think the reason he was so angry at the guy who hid his talent is that he didn’t do it so much because he was afraid of not using it well enough, but because he was afraid of the master who was a “hard and cruel” one. Somehow I don’t think that’s you.

    But yes, I always appreciate the encouragement to give more and do more because he gave everything.


  3. “I need to give him my all, because after all, he did the same for me.”

    Great post Ali! I was just singing a song in the shower this morning (that’s my worship zone lol) by Steffany Gretzinger (Bethel) called “Be Still,” and it reminds me of this post. I think our minds trip us up into so much fear that we just don’t even try. But just like the lyrics of that song, “I will give my all because you gave it all for me.”


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