5 Reasons not to Pray


I feel like a bit of a hypocrite sharing this post.

I am no prayer expert: I’m usually the one that says the least in prayer meetings and struggles with it in my personal life. There are so many excuses I come up with for not praying, but for all these excuses there is rebuke that I know deep inside my heart, even if I do often ignore it. Maybe sharing this post will hold me accountable for spending more consistent time in prayer.

What’s the point, God doesn’t listen anyway. I get that, I so do. I know it can feel like you are just talking into the air sometimes. Its hard to talk when you cant see the one you are talking to, I even find it hard to speak to someone in sunglasses – it’s so frustrating not to see their reaction to what I am saying!

The thing is, prayer is not just talking into the air: It’s a two way conversation. God does respond to our prayers: sometimes he gently shifts our thoughts to things we know we could never have thought of on our own; sometimes it will be through words we read in the bible and sometimes it will be a deep knowledge within our hearts. He does listen, he does respond, and he does answer our prayers

I’ve seen this in my own life, and in the lives of others, multiple times. Like when I was in Christian Union at school, and we prayed for new memebers, right after we finsished the prayer, a boy from the year below knocked on the door and started coming to Christian Union.

I don’t know how to. Don’t worry about doing it wrong. When you’re talking with a friend do you worry about doing it wrong? Or do you just focus on having a good time and getting to know your friend better? This is essentially what prayer is about. Spending time with God and getting to know him better. Really, when you think about it like that it doesn’t seem to hard.

If you are still struggling, then look to the Lords prayer. The prayer Jesus taught us. This wll guide you through worshipping God, seeking forgiveness, and lifting up the needs of the world.

I don’t know what to pray about. In the world there are approximately 9 billion people, if about a third of them are Christians that still leaves 6 billion who don’t even know Christ yet. And then there’s all the people who do already know Christ but are suffering in some way, and then there is my self, my own needs. Sometimes I find myself not praying because it’s just so overwhelming that I don’t know where to start, and when I do start I feel bad about all the things that I don’t get around to praying for!

The thing is prayer isn’t just about me. Prayer is all about God. We start by worshipping him, and then pray about the things he lays on our hearts. That may be during the times we have set aside for prayer, or that may be when he suddenly wakes us up at three o clock in the morning.

I’m too busy. If you are genuinely too busy God understands. There will be times in your life when you cant spent large, or even small, chunks of time devoted to prayer, but make sure you are genuinely connecting with God throughout the day: Send up little prayers and talk with him about everything that is going on. Pray to him about situations that come to your attention throughout the day.

If this is more of an excuse than a genuine reason, then maybe its more because prayer seems boring to you. Maybe that’s the problem you should be tackling first, I know this one is definitely true of me.

Praying is boring, I can’t concentrate on it. Well I guess if you just sat in one place listing of a load of needs then it would probably become boring, and probably a little depressing. But when you treat prayer as spending time with your best friend then it does become easier.

Prayer isn’t just something you do for a set amount of time each day. It’s something you should aim to be doing consistently, throughout the day. Focusing on God and talking to him in every situation.

Remember prayer doesn’t have to always be done the same way, go for a walk; draw a picture, write in a journal, whatever, it really doesn’t matter. Prayer is about spending time with your creator.

One thing that I know for sure is that the days I begin on my knees always go better than the days that I don’t.



12 thoughts on “5 Reasons not to Pray

  1. One of the things that helps me is to be simple, direct, and concrete with my prayers. I don’t need to “babble” on thinking that my prayer is more effective because I use a lot of fancy words. I try to be simple and speak from the heart. A good prayer is not measured by its length.


  2. This is my favorite post from you, yet. The titled grabbed me and I had to read it! You make some very valid points about the reasons we create not to pray. It was an encouraging post that I believe will cause readers to feel more compelled to pray rather than condemned for their lack of prayer.
    I’m so glad our Father is loving and patient with us.
    I wrote a series on prayer in October and November. I learned a lot writing it. I’m praying that writing this, you will draw closer to God in prayer.
    Great job!


  3. Yes Ali, I think that was a good way of putting the reasons not to pray, I suppose we are all guilty one way or another of being busy. I very often pray throughout the day, little slots here and there, and he listens to my prayers that are from the heart to him ….my greatest blessing is when someone asks me to pray for them, it is a great faith builder I believe! never give up Ali, he never gave up on us and he never will !


  4. I do love you honesty and vulnerability. I go through periods. Sometimes the prayer is so intense I feel like power has left me, like what Jesus talked about. Other times I feel like it doesn’t go beyond the ceiling. I think you wrote a very relatable post here, but also with lots of encouragement to overcome the challenges.


  5. I am so humbled and thankful that even when I can only bring tears and moans that the Holy Spirit interprets what I can’t articulate. Great read.


  6. Great article Ally. I find Charles Spurgeon’s books very helpful, especially his ’30 Day Devotional On Prayer’. (Not a prayer book but about the subject of prayer)

    It’s a tiny little book and written in a way even a child could understand – no old fashioned wording, despite being of yesteryear. It’s only a tiny book and split up into small topic sections – worth a read! xx


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