How to be a positively good friend


Until recently I hadn’t given much thought to how much I moaned about things. After all, we all  do love a good moan, don’t we? It often seems to be something that connects us. A little moan about your boss with a colleague, and suddenly you’ve found a friend, or have you really?

A couple of weeks ago I decided to consciously think about what I was talking about, whether it was negative or positive. What I found out was a complete shock.  The amount of time I spent moaning was ridiculous. I moan literally all the time, the weather, the long quee in the supermarket, the traffic, how expensive absolutely everything is. (The first draft of this blog even had a huge moan about people who moan!) I must  be a right bore to be around.

But really, moaning and negativity can’t bring anything good in the long run. Since when has moaning ever made your boss nicer, or the weather brighter.

The thing is moaning doesn’t really do anyone any good, we jut think it does. It actually makes us feel more miserable. And everyone around us.

Instead, as Christians, we should be seeking to bring light into people’s lives. Instead of thinking about the negative things, think about all the ways he has blessed us, then bring those into conversations.

Because the truth is, if we are talking negative things, we must be thinking negative things.

Think about the amazing thinkgs that God has done for you. Praise him for having a job a family and friends, instead of just moaning about them.

After all, with all that he has done for me, it shouldn’t be too hard. Should it?


11 thoughts on “How to be a positively good friend

  1. So true. I tried to give up saying negative things for lent one year, and found myself sitting in silence with my own husband because the temptation to bring up a story that put someone else in a bad light was too overbearing! Not a good sign! X

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  2. Called me out! I’ve become really aware of this in my own life. It’s so hard sometimes not to just indulge in a little moan.. I find I sometimes complain about how tired I am just to fill silence! Not cool. Thanks for challenging me this week- I’ll make an active effort to watch my tongue!


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