How to Relax, Recharge and Recreate


I have always enjoyed reading, well, that is after taking an embarrassingly long time to learn! Seriously, I can remember the other kids in my class laughing at me for struggling  to read. But once I overcame that hurdle I couldn’t keep my head out of a book, or three! Even now I always have at least two or three on the go at any given time.

I also love to crochet, I start to get itchey hands if I haven’t had a chance to  do any for a few days. I love playing about with colours and learning new techniques.

More recently I have realised that I really enjoy writing. This blog has played a big part in that, and now I do often feel an urge to just go and write.

If I don’t get the opportunity to do these things for any length of time I begin to feel frustrated. Doing them helps me to feel refreshed, its almost as if they re-create me.

I actually think this is biblical. Even God had a rest ofter creating the world. Having a day to rest is one of the ten commandments, up there with do not steal and do not worship any other gods. And yet, when we break this commandment we almost feel proud of ourself.

It isn’t just a guideline idea, God gave us this rule for our benefit; and so that we could reconnect, recharge and recreate.

We reconnect with God spending time with him and other believers.

We recharge by not worrying about work and taking it easy; resting and relaxing, maybe reading a book or watching a movie.

We recreate by doing the things that we enjoy, the things that God created us to do.

So spend some time doing something you love: read a great book; go for a walk; do something creative; meet a good friend for a chat. Do whatever it is that you love to do, and don’t feel guilty about it



2 thoughts on “How to Relax, Recharge and Recreate

  1. My niece’s maiden name is Carrie Snyder — spelled the same way — but she didn’t author this book! 😀 I really like your style, Cherry Drop Princess. Thanks for the articles!

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