Advent Calendars


Wow I have now been blogging for almost a year… And without really taking a break. I have decided that this will be my last post until the new year. And I really only have something short I want to share.

This year my mum sent me and joe an advent calendar, its fun to open the doors and count down to Christmas day. (No chocolate, though, I guess we’re too old for that!)

Anyway, as I was thinking about all this opening of doors, I was led to ask myself this question: Am I opening the door of my heart to Christ? Do let him in, let him convict and challenge me, encourage and embrace me, or do I close the door of my heart to him.

The thing is, if we don’t open the door we don’t get the prize.

Maybe a cute little picture or maybe a piece of chocolate. Whatever it is if we leave the door shut we don’t experience the full joy of the advent calendar.

When we leave our hearts shut we can never experience the full joy of Christmas.

Do we let him in, during this season that is really all about celebrating him, or do we close of our hearts because of the busyness of the season.

This advent don’t just open the doors of your advent calendar; open your heart to Jesus.


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