Autumn Leaves


During the last few weeks my walk from work has been almost beautiful. The leaves falling from the trees has turned what would otherwise be a concrete jungle into a golden forest. But isn’t it strange to think that the very things that cause this beauty are actually dead.

When I think of death, beauty isn’t usually something that comes to mind, in fact, its more often tragedy or sadness. But can death ever be beautiful?

I think it can.

Without death we wouldn’t get new life. Without the death of the leaves, the trees wouldn’t be able to blossom and bloom in the spring, producing more fruit in the summer.

Without death we can’t experience new life. When we become Christians we have to let go of our old lives, effectively dying to it, before we can embrace our new, greater, life.

Without death we cannot gain new life. We cannot experience our eternity without dying in our humanity.

And without letting some things in our lives die, we are unable to take hold of the new things that God has in store for us, and truly flourish.

When we keep hold of the things we need to let go of, they turn to decay and rot within us, making our whole life turn sour. But when we let go of them we can feel like knew again.

Are there things that you are holding onto, that you should have let die years ago? Let them go. Let them die. It will be worth it.

I know, it will be hard, and probably painful as well, but unless you let go of them, you wont be able to receive God’s new blessings.

If God is commanding you to let some within you die, then let it die. He will let something new and better grow in its place.


8 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves

  1. Great blog, and thanks for the confirmation.
    When you reach a certain age, you start to consider it to be your autumn.Truth is it really can be a truly golden age and witness for Christ if you let go of some stuff. I’m loving it.


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