Don’t Read This if You Want to Feel Comfortable

You see that same woman standing there, outside the shopping centre, handing out her old fashioned bible tracts. You cringe. What is she thinking? This isn’t the way you share the message in this day and age.

There’s that man who stands near the train station, yelling and shouting about the riches of heaven, working up such a frenzy. people walk past and laugh. Is this what they think of Christians? They must think we’re nuts.


If only there were more nutters out there. More people who weren’t worried about making a fool of themselves for Christ.

People who will go out there, instead of sittling inside discussing stratergy.

People who don’t mind getting laughed at and mocked.


Yes, there is a time for being gentle about our faith. But is that just an excuse for never really sharing it? Meeting friends for coffee with the intention of talking about the real things, “One day I’ll tell them about Jesus, but I’m not sure if they’re ready yet..” So instead we talk about X Factor; and The Great British Bake Off; and Jennifers new haircut and Anything Else.

Then we go home and feel proud. “I’ve done friendship evangelism.” And we tick that one of our list. But how can it be evangelism if we never speak about Jesus. “Actions speak louder than words.” Maybe, but sometimes we need to use words. “They will think I’m weird.” but if they’re your friend; really they won’t. And if you’re their friend you wont want them in hell.

“Don’t talk about hell that scares me, I don’t want to feel guilty.” That’s precisely the point, hell is scary. Would you want to go there? How can we keep on downplaying this, if we don’t share Jesus with our friends who will?

We will have their blood on our hands.


This scares me. I sit on my computer, typing about Jesus and hope and love and the consequences of sin. But it all seems so safe. I’m not being laughed at or spat on or ignored. I am sat at home, away from the mess,  just hoping that someone will read my words.

I couldn’t imagine my life without Christ, and yet I seem to think it’s okay for other people to live this way.


14 thoughts on “Don’t Read This if You Want to Feel Comfortable

  1. There are so many different people out there, that there needs to be many different styles of evangelism for many different seasons and times. As long as someone is doing what they do in accordance with what God wants – at that time – God bless them! Some people need a kick up the rear end, some people need a hand holding friend. As long as there is respect and it doesn’t become a power struggle over who is right, then yes, let them yell in the streets and we should be praying for blessing on them.

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  2. This is a great point Ally. You never know when and where that one person that needs to hear God’s word maybe, and if we don’t get out there and be a little nutty, that one person may never hear the word.
    I am interested in evangilism but am still learning and working on letting God take control of my life. I do have to admit that I appreciate friendship evangilism because if it were not for that, I would be off in the world alone trying to know God with out any guidence, so I think all is equally important. But you are right that we need to brave up and be confident in God, not in ourselves. Jesus was ridiculed and mocked, and even killed for his ministry to the public. We are to follow in his footsteps, and even though the world is changing, God is the one thing that does not change, and neither does Jesus’ examples of how we should be witnessing about God. ❤

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  3. Love this charge to really speak UP about our faith, Alice! I have found that it does take a trusted relationship to be heard, which is why I honestly don’t think the people shouting on the streets really ‘spread’ the message to hearts- but rather to ears that repel it because of the force and command that comes with it. I’m one that feels like the heart needs to be softened to really take in the grace and love that whispers instead of the loud clammer of insistence that in our human nature we will reject.

    BUT- we must take those bold steps in sharing our faith with SO many people we know, love, and have relationships with in our lives. When we back down, we don’t give God the opportunity to use us for His Purpose. I consider it dishonoring really, when I don’t tell people WHO I am. When your identity is wrapped in Christ, it really seems natural to share it.

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  4. I agree, it’s too easy to share faith online, where we don’t see rolling eyes or feel a cold shoulder or hear snide comments. Sharing with friends and family – out loud – is a bold way to stand up for our faith.

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  5. Great blog! I wish I had the courage to be as outspoken as the street-side evangelist, but I’ve always been timid. Like Moses, I struggle with speaking in public and even among friends. I write better than I speak. However, I do pray. My husband and I have tried to make a point of praying with whoever we are visiting or hanging out with. Some friends and acquaintances are probably uncomfortable, others seem to appreciate it, and occasionally a prayer will open up a door to that important conversation that I want to have. May God give us all courage to be passionate in our faith in action and in speech.

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    • It sounds like you are using your gifts to spread gods love whether that be through prayer or writing., you are making a difference. That’s awesome, God didn’t call us all to stand on street corners after all!


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