What an Octopus Taught me About Love


Recently Joe and I have been really into watching nature documentaries. You know, the kind that are usually narrated by David Attenborough. I guess because it’s one of the things we can both agree on; for some reason he’s not the biggest fan of period dramas!

I find them fascinating. There’s something almost human about the power struggles and fight for survival these creature endure. I think that is one of the reasons so many people keep on watching.

In one of these shows there was the story of a mother octopus. A story which very nearly had me in tears.

A mother octopus gives birth to hundreds of tiny eggs in a secret space hidden deep below sea, and out of reach of the other sea creatures.

After she has birthed these eggs she must remain with them, tending to them and stroking them, so enough oxygen can reach them. She must never leave them, until they grow enough to fend for themselves.

In doing this she becomes so weak that she eventually dies.

She loves them so much that she sacrifices herself.

What kind of love must this be?

A love so pure that you are willing to make the biggest sacrifice.

Just like Jesus’ sacrifice.

If he didn’t die for us we couldn’t live for ourselves. Like the baby octopi, we are not strong enough to save ourselves. We can only truly live because of his death.

P.S. I made the octopus using a pattern from the book Super Cute Crochet by Nikki Trench


10 thoughts on “What an Octopus Taught me About Love

  1. I think we watched the same documentary !!! I was in awe/shocked/saddened/encouraged by this. So many emotions at once lol but it really had that much of an impact to think that an octopus does that for her babies so how much more will Jesus tend to us being or savior . So so incredible .

    Thanks for this reminder 🙂

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