What Does God want You to do Right Now?


(A message for myself!)

What does God want you to do right now?

Not in ten years’ time. Not when you have loads of money. But right now. Where you are at this moment.

Sometimes we can get so caught up on what God wants from us in the future that we forget to listen to him right now.

We wonder how God can possibly use us in our current situations.

He can. He placed us even here, where we are right now, for a reason. Maybe it’s to make a difference in just one persons’ life. But that little thing that you do today might turn into a big thing tomorrow. Like a snowball rolling down a hill it will gain speed, size and momentum, until it becomes out of control.

We never really know what kind of impact our little actions of today will have in the long run.

Please don’t wait until you are older, richer or wiser to do Gods will. For one, you will never be old rich or wise enough. And for two, God placed us here for a reason. Let’s start trying to work out what that reason is.

I know what it’s like. Sometimes I get so excited about what might or might not happen in the future that I forget about today. That right where I am I have time and opportunity to do so much for God.

Don’t let that be you. Because tomorrow may never come, and you will look back on your life wondering what you had ever really done.

I’m not saying don’t dream. I’m saying don’t get so caught up in those dreams that you forget to live today.

Let’s practice asking God what he wants us to do right here today. We might just be surprised what he has in mind for us.


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