When it’s Hard to Help


Sometimes when I see people in pain, or suffering I can be scared to help. I think that I will end up putting my foot in it and making everything so much worse than it was before.

I wonder who I am to help this person, I don’t have the right words to deal with this situation.

This might be selfishness on my part; maybe I’m too worried about making an idiot of myself. It also might be a real fear of messing up. But often I’m probably listening to the lies of satan.

He obviously doesn’t want me sharing Gods love with others. So will prey on our weaknesses, insecurities, and lack of faith in an attempt to make us stop. We need to ignore these lies because they are just that. Lies.

If God has shown us someone’s suffering and opened our hearts to it, we don’t need to be scared about reaching out. God’s got our back! Even in the most scary situations, like when he told me to go and talk a couple of strangers out of entering a spiritualist church.

In the bible Moses was terrified to go and speak to pharaoh to ask him to “let my people go!” He stutters and even asks God to find someone else. But Moses is the one that God has chosen. And he choose the right person. He had the faith to cross the red sea, and the strength of character to later handle thousands of moaning Israelites. God chose the right person.

Maybe God wants you to do something, maybe you have seen some suffering and God is prompting you to go and be the light in that situation. But you are scared. You need to know that you are the right person. God can and will use you. It might be scary and it probably will take a heap of faith but God wants to use you. Will you let him?


One thought on “When it’s Hard to Help

  1. Hey there. My blog is about the life my awesome girlfriend and I. We’ve been together for about 1 year and 7 months now. Sometimes my girlfriend gets stressed with her studies and her family members thus she’ll get depressed. I do encourage her to rant out any anger she has on me but how do I help her battle depression? What can I do as her guy; In a spiritual way too. I hope you can help me out. Thanks in advanced


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