The Twice Upon a Time

Have you ever dreamt of the once upon a time and wished it could have been twice upon a time?

Do you remember the days when you felt so close to God? Like you could almost reach out and touch him.

Back in the days when things were so simple, and you just knew that your life was going to be a perfect adventure. Back in those days where you thought that everything was going to be amazing. You knew exactly what God wanted you to do.

But now you’re not so sure. he doesn’t feel as close as he used to. Sometimes you might just glimpse his shadow, but you don’t see him and feel him like you used to.

You know that he is here, you choose to have faith. But you wish you could feel him like you used to.

He hasn’t left you, and he hasn’t forsaken you. We know that because his word makes that promise. But do we really and truly and deeply believe it?

He is here, even when it feels like he’s not. Sometimes it takes more faith to believe what you have known for a long time.

The old life starts to fade, we forget what we used to be like; how we used to feel. We almost forget what he has saved us from.

But we can know again. We can experience that twice upon a time. Out faith may be older and more mature, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still dream. Our lives don’t have to be boring. The best isn’t behind us, he has so much more to offer. The most exciting days are yet to come.

Remember the once upon a time, remember that God can refill you and re-ignite your passion. He might not always feel as close as he once did, but remember, you are older now. Like a child you don’t growing up; now you don’t need to be in your fathers arms to know that he loves you.

Remember the twice upon a time, one day you will return to your real home, and you will be embraced in the open arms of your father, and every thing will be as it should be.


2 thoughts on “The Twice Upon a Time

  1. Yup. I know exactly how this feels. Sometimes I feel like (or maybe I read it somewhere) that God responds more quickly when our faith is young and weak, but we experience more perseverance as we get older. But it does seem that way for me in any case. It’s coming up on 20 years, my baptism.


  2. I definitely can relate to this. When we’re “in” faith, we can experience a lull, like we aren’t going anywhere. For me, those periods coincide when I’m sort of in a lull in growing my faith – I’m not reading, or meditating, or praying much. I’m aware that God is there, but he is working very differently in my life according to how I am living in him.

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