Living in the In-Between


Have you ever tasted heaven in your heart?

Can you glimpse it when your eyes are closed?

Have you heard the whisper of your creator?

Have you felt his breath and known his touch?

God’s kingdom is almost here. It is now but it is still not yet. And we have to live in the in-between. The knowing but not knowing fully; the living, but not living fully, getting glimpses of it every now and again.

It is hard living in these in-between times the times of waiting and watching. We long for more but can’t quite grasp it, we keep on striving but never quite make it.

But this is where God has placed us, this is where God has planted us, this is where He wants us to be. To grow and to flourish, serving him, and bringing his love down to earth. Giving other people little glimpses of heaven; showing them his love and spreading his joy. All the while longing for more. Having the faith to know that one day it will be here.

One day we will meet with Him face to face and he will look at our hearts and know us. Know what we have done and said and thought in these in-between times, all those horrible and evil things. And if we know him and strived for him, his sons blood will cover us and we will be with him forever, his own sons and daughters.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)


8 thoughts on “Living in the In-Between

  1. In our daily living, we get caught up in work, social media, kids, etc. etc. We sometimes forget that THIS IS NOT OUR HOME. Thanks for the reminder that we are loved and have a job to do here, but we will see Him face to face in heaven.

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  2. So true! Our eternal home is in Heaven, and until we are there we need to live life on Earth and celebrate the good and live for Christ. Living a life dedicated to Jesus and following His ways is the best way to show Him to others while we are here!


  3. It’s kind of… ironic that this is the post that you put up today. Lately, I’ve been feeling bogged down by the world; not having the time or energy to do the things I want to do, and feeling like my job has been getting in the way of what I feel like God wants me to do here.

    And then I wrote my blog post about World Suicide Prevention Day and it quite literally went viral amidst my Facebook friends. I had strangers contact me and tell me that because of my post, they knew they were loved today; knew they were not alone.

    Today was that little reminder that God can and will keep using me for his purpose through any means he can. I may not feel like there is purpose where I am right now, but he still makes a perfect plan to share his will through it.


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