Christian Fiction set in England

I have always loved to read, but it’s only in the last few months that I have tried reading Christian fiction. It’s been a mostly positive experienced, but one of the things I have noticed is that the vast majority of the books are set in America; I guess that’s because most of the people who read and write these stories are American. I was presently surprised when I found a couple of books set in England.

 cover64613-mediumNot by Sight by Kate Breslin

I enjoy reading books set during the first and second world war, so I was really looking forward to reading this book.
Grace Mabry is a keen suffragette and an active supporter of the war. So much so that she sees it her duty to guilt trip men into joining the effort and joins with the women’s forage corp. Which leads her to come face to face with the elusive and blind Jack Bennington, a Lord. Only Grace has a secret she must keep from him at all costs.
I really liked the character of Grace, she had a good sense of humour and, was willing to get her hands dirty and fight for what she believed in.
I enjoyed the story. Espionage and romance both played a major role, which was enjoyable, and I loved reading about the role women had in supporting the war effort. There were also some major plot twists which I definitely did not see coming. I also like that this book was set in England, something unusual for Christian fiction. However, you could definitely tell it was written by an American, if you know what I mean! All the Lord and Ladies. and acting in a way I think Americans see the English.
Despite that this was an enjoyable read, in which faith played a major role.

cover62641-mediumLondon Tides by Carla Laureano

Grace Brennan is an Irish photographer of war with a whole heap of baggage. After one tragedy too many she decides to leave her job and return to London. The city where she abandoned her ex-fiance ten years previous.
Grace struggles to rebuild her life, her relationship with God, and her relationship with her ex, on her return to London, but grace overflows from all directions.
This book is a lot more “real” than many of the other Christian romances available. Graces problems aren’t immediately fixed and the characters are definitely not saints. I really loved the redemption theme written throughout this story, which reminded me Jesus’ tale of the prodigal son.
Again, it was kind of obvious it wasn’t written by someone who is actually English, some of the things the characters said gave this away.

Overall I enjoyed both these books, and it was nice to read a Christian book not set in America, and would definitely be open to reading books set in other countries. However, I am left wondering if anyone outside of the states are writing these kinds of books? (If you know of any, please share in the comments section.)


11 thoughts on “Christian Fiction set in England

  1. Some other great books set outside the US are “The Butterfly and the Violin” by Kristy Cambron, The Thorn Bearer by Pepper Basham, all of Melanie Dickerson’s books, Kaye Dacus’ Ransome Trilogy, Laurie Alice Eakes’ Daughters of Bainbridge House series, Brentwood’s Ward by Michelle Griep, all of Julie Klassen’s books, all of Sarah Ladd’s books, Five Days in Skye by Carla Laureano (the prequel to London Tides), Beth Pattillo’s Jane Austen series, and Carrie Turansky’s Edwardian Brides series. Most (if not all) of these writers are Americans, though… but all of these books are wonderful! 🙂

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  2. Ally, I’m just now seeing this! (Thanks for the praise, Carrie).
    Ally, one thing I hope to do, as time continues, is to find an Englishwoman who can correct all my American miscues in my novels. I have such a love for England that I don’t imagine I’ll stop writing about it any time soon….so I’d like to write about it well 🙂
    Maybe someday I can find a cohort in story-culture creating 😉

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    • My husband is American and it’s amazing all the little differences, he still gets confused sometimes, even after living here for nearly five years, and always has to ask me which way round to write the date. I’m sure you will be able to find some one, if you need some help let just get in contact!


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