Blogging for Justice


Justice noun (FAIRNESS) fairness in the way people are dealt with: There’s no justice in the world when people can be made to suffer like that. (Cambridge dictionary)

When I was a teenager I was really passionate about trade justice. I wouldn’t let my mum buy anything with the Nestle logo; refused to shop in Primark and tried my hardest to only buy Fairtrade chocolate.

For some reason my passion has faded over the years. Maybe it’s because I’ve become disillusioned, I mean where is it actually okay to buy clothes from? (Especially if you don’t want to look like a hippy!) It’s seems like every shop on the high street is involved in bad practice. It’s virtually impossible to buy anything that hasn’t been made by slaves.

For a while I thought maybe I should buy more clothes from charity shops, at least then I wasn’t directly supporting evil corporations. But that’s hard work, when you can walk into New Look or Primark and buy something just as cheap, and that’s never been worn by anyone else.

Then I thought that I should just by less. I’m a girl, and like having options in my wardrobe. I have more clothes than I need as it is! But that’s really only a short-term solution, eventually I will need new clothes.

As a teenager I really only had a limited influence, what could one person really do? Sure, I might convince a couple of friends to buy fair trade chocolate, but then our economics teacher would say that was all a waste of time.

Recently I have realised that as I have a blog, so I have a voice. I actually could make some kind of a difference, not alone of course, but with other people.

Imagine finding an ant in your kitchen; you deal with it and then forget about it. But when there’s a whole army of ants? That’s a whole other story. You go into a frenzy, clearing out cupboards and pouring ant powder.

One doesn’t make much of an impact; but when we join together we can.

As bloggers, or people who just spend time on face book, we can make a difference. We can educate people and we can put pressure on companies. We can make a difference. We can use our voice for good.

I’ve been guilty of not doing this as well. But I have been shocked, since starting blogging, how little I have read about justice. I have seen more posts on modesty and relationships and singleness than I could count. But I can barely remember reading anything about justice, the thing Jesus spoke about most whilst on earth. Let’s change this.

I want to challenge you all to write or share something on the subject of Justice. If you are into baking maybe you could do a recipe using fair trade ingredients. If you’re into fashion you could share some ethical fashion websites. If you do devotions, like me, you could share a devotion on this issue.

If you have a blog then you have a voice, use it for good. Use it to change the world.

Why not join me in #BloggingForJustice?


14 thoughts on “Blogging for Justice

  1. I love this. I struggle with needing something and wishing I knew more about where it came from . I have my own business and I’m trying to incorporate more fair trade into it, but it’s hard to come by the products at a rate that you can sell affordably. If you don’t get it for a good enough price then customers don’t want to pay for it b/c H&M or someone sells it for 2 bucks. No matter. This is the direction I want to go anyway. Thanks for the post!

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    • That’s brilliant! What kind of things do you sell? I’ sure there will be a market for you. I think us westerners are used to paying a lot less for things than we should. And it can be so hard to know where to go to find things that are fair trade!


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