Life isn’t all “One Tree Hill” (and that’s a good thing!)


If I was a character in one of my all time favourite TV shows, One Tree Hill, by now I would either be a bestselling author whose book had been made into a movie; a successful music artist who was also a mum and a high school teacher; a fashion designer with my own clothing line and a magazine that was named after me or own my own record label. I would also own my own house, a probably half the rest of the town, and have several of the cutest kids imaginable who for some bizarre and self-affirming reason I had given my maiden name as their first name, because I was just that successful and amazing. And I would have achieved all of this by the time I was 23!

God doesn’t care about how big your bank account is, or how shiny your hair is, or even how cute your kids are (although I;m sure yours are the cutest. He’s not bothered about how young you got married, whether you have a “job” or a “career” or how many likes your blog post gets. And he’s not interested in how pretty your house is, whether you have a degree or left school at sixteen or how many friends you have on facebook.

The thing he cares about is on the inside, our character, who we are when nobody is looking.

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8)

More than anything else good wants us to treat people kindly, especially the poor: the bible talks about orphans widows and foreigners, these are the people who had the greatest need at that time, the ones who were overlooked. God wants us to look out for these people, to help them and to love them. Jesus talks more about how we handle our money than he does about heaven and hell. That’s how seriously God takes this!

untitledAs well as acting with justice and mercy, God wants us to humble ourselves before him.

I think this will naturally happen when we are helping those in need. We start to care less about ourselves, and more about the needs of others. We’re not so bothered about what people think of us, and we are able to humble ourselves before God.

Status and stuff means nothing, we lose it when we die. We need the things that last forever: a humble heart full of love and mercy and a passion for justice.


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