Its Bigger on the Inside: What Doctor Who Taught me about the Kingdom of God


I’m going to make a geeky confession: over the last few months me and Joe have really got into watching Doctor Who on Netflix, we’ve now nearly finished season three!

I’m surprised to admit I’m actually enjoying it, I always thought it was a boring boy programme.

Anyway, when you think about Doctor Who, the first thing most people think of is the TARDIS. An ordinary looking blue police call box, designed to blend in with the surroundings unnoticed.

The thing is, this box isn’t just a blue box. It’s bigger on the inside. It’s a ship, designed to travel through time and space.

I love it when the Doctor first meets a new companion. When they first enter the tardis they are absolutely blown away! How can this little blue box be so big? They step out again, and walk around it. “It’s bigger on the inside,” the doctor grins. They have just discovered the secret. Sometimes the little things are really the big things.


Sometimes the little things are really the big things.

When Jesus is asked to describe the kingdom of heaven he does so in a few ways:

A mustard seed. A tiny thing, so easily ignored, grows into something huge. (Matthew 13: 31-32)

Yeast, a woman baking only needed the smallest amount of yeast to make her bread grow. (Matthew 13: 33)

A field, but in it was a secret, treasure long hidden and worth giving up everything for. (Matthew 13 45-46)

Anyone would think that these things are nothing special, but they are, they are more precious than they appear. They hold more power than we would have dreamed of.

Now, that’s what God’s kingdom is like! It is bigger and it is more powerful than you could ever imagine.

It is worth giving up everything for, like the man who even sold the clothes of his own back, so he could but the field and gain the treasure.  Like the companions who leave their families and risk their lives to travel with the Doctor.

God’s kingdom is worth everything. It is worth giving up everything for, because you will gain more than you would have ever dreamed of.

It is bigger on the inside, it is more exciting than you could have ever dreamed of and it is worth everything.


13 thoughts on “Its Bigger on the Inside: What Doctor Who Taught me about the Kingdom of God

  1. I love this post. Being a rather small person, I’ve always said diamonds are smaller than bricks, but I’d never realised it was in the bible! Kingdom principles have a habit of turning everything on its head. Very thought provoking, thank you.


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