Why Doesn’t God Reveal Himself all at Once?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if God showed us everything there is to know about him all at once? We would fully understand him, as soon as we became Christians.

But would that really be amazing as we think it would? How strange would it be if you knew everything about your best friend or partner as soon as you met them? Half the fun of knowing these people is actually getting to know them. Discovering more about them the more time we spend with them.

But that’s not the only reason it wouldn’t be great if God revealed all of himself to us right away.

One thing I have realised recently is that the more I know of how amazing God is, the more I realise just how sinful I am.

Everyday I am realising more and more amazing God is, but that means I am also realising the true extent of my sinfulness all the time, and it is pretty scary!

I couldn’t imagine knowing all that when I was first a Christian. I would have probably wanted to give up if I knew just how much work I had to do on my self. If I knew just how selfish I truly was.

If knowing God’s greatness is knowing the depth of our sinfulness then more we know these things the wider the chasm between us and God becomes. This might seem depressing at first, but it’s not. It actually amazing! Because God’s love is always big enough to cover that gap.

No matter how sinful we are, no matter how many areas in our lives that God is telling us to work on. His grace is always big enough. His love is always wide enough. His mercy is always deep enough. No matter what.

And that is a true adventure. Because every day that I learn more of Gods greatness and more of my sinfulness, I am able to experience more of his love and grace and mercy and forgiveness. And this keeps on happening everyday, forever, until I die, because I can never fully know God.


9 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t God Reveal Himself all at Once?

  1. It is funny that you wrote something like because I have been feeling more like God is opening my eyes more to see who He really is through His Word. There have been parts of the bible of have read many times but lately I am finding verses that leap out at me. They really speak to me. Calm me. Reassure me. I guess He really does reveal himself to us gradually.

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    • I can so relate to this. I recently had this when reading the story of the wise and foolish builders. I felt like I finally really understood it for the first time, even though I had read it, heard it and taught it so many times!


  2. Loved this –> “One thing I have realised recently is that the more I know of how amazing God is, the more I realise just how sinful I am.” So true….which makes Him even more amazing. Great post!


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