Rahab The Prostitute


The story of Rahab, found at the start of Joshua, is a short but fascinating one. Essentially she, an enemy of God’s people, and a prostitute, helps the Israelites defeat Jericho! She is one of the most unlikely heroines. Her name then turns up again, in both the genealogy of Jesus (one of the very few women mentioned) AND in the hall of faith in the book of Hebrews alongside Moses and Noah.

The woman who was a prostitute became a great woman of faith.

I recently read a novel about her life (The Crimson Cord by Jill Eileen Smith). Although it was only a novel, and a lot of the ideas came from the mind of the author, it really helped me to think more deeply about the struggles she may have faced: as a prostitute, and accepting the fact that God had accepted her as one of his chosen people.

Reading about the life of Rahab showed me again just how merciful he is, and how he can use us for greatness, no matter what anyone else thinks!


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