A Pile of Rocks in the Desert – How can we remember what God has done for us?

How often do we forget what God has done in our lives? He answers prayers and comes through for us time after time, and yet, we often forget about it just a few days later. At least, I do…

The Israelites had a strange way of remembering what God had done for them – they left huge piles of rocks all over the place.

They did this when God did something amazing for them, as a reminder of what he had done. Imagine an Israelite family going out for a picnic. The children get excited when they see a pile of rocks in the distance. “Dad, tell us the story of why that pile of rocks is there!” They already know the story of what God had done, but they couldn’t wait to hear it again.

So how can we remember the things that God has done for us. I’m guessing that most people can’t build their own rock towers all over town. But what can we do?

Write it down? Tell people about it?

This things are both great. But I think sometimes we mess up before we even get to this point.

We need to acknowledge what God has done in our lives. Really think about it, and I’m sure you will be surprised about what he has done. I know that I am, time and time again. How often he has come through for me, right at the last second, when I think that all hope has gone.

I really, really, really, want to get better at acknowledging God in my life, and thanking him for all he has done, even when times seem so hard.

He has saved me

He has loved me

He has used me

He will never let me go

Even when this is all I have to hold onto it is enough.

If all Jesus ever did was die for me, it is more than enough.

He has done so much more than that though, we just need to notice it, acknowledge it, thank him for it and remember it.

I want to ask you… What has God been doing in your life?

How do you remember all the ways God has come through for you?


6 thoughts on “A Pile of Rocks in the Desert – How can we remember what God has done for us?

  1. I love this! Years ago when I started a journal it started out as Praises. It then morphed into my prayers (I have a hard time concentrating and writing helps). I lost sight of writing down those praises until I heard Ann Voskamp speak at a Women of Faith conference, about her book, 1,0000 gifts. I started writing praises into my journal again.

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  2. God continually shows Himself in my life…continually! I love to keep a prayer journal so that I can go back and see how God has answered prayers. These journals are great encouragers in how God has moved in my life and provided in my times of need.

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  3. I’m with Danielle in keeping a journal. Mine isn’t a prayer journal as such as it has the usual diary stuff in it (you know, ‘I wonder if he likes me…’) but I do make a point of recording answers to prayer. Journalling is a good way to handle negative emotions but it pays to write about the good stuff too, like all the things God is doing in your life!

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