Take up Your Shield of Faith


We are all certain of things we do not see. Our hearts are a great example. There is no way that I am going slice open my chest to check if I do actually have a heart. I am happy to trust it is there. For one thing, I can feel it beating. I am also alive. I can know I have a heart with out needing to see it.

It’s the same with God, although I can’t see him, I know he is there. It’s obvious. Can we really believe that this world was an accident, that it came about by anything other than the hands of an awesome creator?

I know I can’t.

Yes, sometimes I have my little doubts, but when I remember how far God has bought me, all the things he has done for me; the prayers he has answered, there is no way I can have any real doubts.

Being sure of what we hope for is a little bit harder to explain.

Sure I might hope to go on the X factor, wow all the judges and become a multimillion pound pop sensation. If you have ever heard me sing you will know that this is never going to happen.

Hope is something more than just wanting something or a word you might write in a card. Patrck Reagan describes is like this in his book No Celing to Hope:

Hope is the refusal to accept a situation as it is.

We look around the world and see so many tragedies, people huring, earth quakes and so much more. The truth is we can have hope in these situations.

Hope is even more than that though. Hope should spur us on into action. When we see people suffering we should take this hope we have and put it into action. Right now. Today.

If you want an easy life, go ahead and accept the situations you face as they are. Refusing to do so is not for the faint hearted. It is scary but  also exciting. Crying out to God for a miracle in a situation where you cannot see any hope is hard, it would be far easier to just accept it as it is. But when we do so we are really putting our faith in God.

After all, God is a God of the impossible.

Moses refused to accept a situation as it was when he was surrounded: sea on one side, and the Egyption army on the other. He had faith though. And God responded with a miracle.

We see this story time and time again in the bible. Jairus, refusing to accept that his sick daughter was dying; Joshua refusing to accept that he would be defeated at Jericho; David refusing to believe that he would be killed by a giant. God wants us to refuse to accept bad situations as they are, that’s when he can truly step in and provide us with a miracle.

The Christian life is not easy, but it is an adventure, after all, it has been said that faith is spelt R I S K.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on hope.


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