Why I’m not Afraid of the devil

Through my life I have been surprised how many people I have met who dabble with the occult, unaware of the consequeces, visiting séances or spiritualist churches, using tarot card or reading horoscopes. The occult seems to be all around us.

I studied at a bible college which was located on the edge of the new forest, a place known for witchcraft. Whilst I was studying there were a couple of occasions when witches would come onto the site and do whatever it is that they do. This caused some of the students to become anxious and afraid. I remember some people claiming that they heard witches making animal noices during the night. I wondered if the more logical explanation was that it was actually animals making the noises? We were in the countryside after all.

I remember my Dad telling me that at one stage there were rumours going around that witches were recording curses onto old style cassette tapes then spreading the tape from inside the cassettes around. I’m sure this did happen sometimes, but when Evangelical Christians saw this tape along the side of the motorway, they automaticaly thought it was full of curses. Not that maybe the tape had got caught up and the driver just chucked it out the window.

On the other hand there are Christians who dangerously deny the existence of the devil. They are completely ignorant to satanic activity, and may even think reading horoscopes is a bit of harmless fun.

So, where do we find the balance between being ignorant of the devil and becoming obsessed with him?

The devils is active, have you ever noticed how often people become sick before mission trips? Or how down you are likely to become down after sharing the gospel? Or how regularly your family has rows before church on a sunday morning?

I don’t think we can blame all of this on the devil, but it does seem to happen far too often to just be a coincidence. We need to be aware of him, without becoming obsessed or afraid.

I really like the way it is described in the Freedom in Christ for Young People Course. They describe the devil as being like germs. If we are completely ignorant of germs, never washing our hands, we would be likely to get really sick. At the same time becoming obsessed with them is just as dangerous, we would never actually get anything done because we spent all our time obsessing over and worrying about them.

Sometimes we can get into the habit of seeing devils everywhere, and give them far more credit than they are due. I am sure this is one of satan’s schemes. Everywhere I have worked the employees have been convinced the place is haunted. (The only exception was when I worked in a church!)

As Christians we need to be aware of the devil, and of his schemes. Yes he is real, and yes he is out to get us, but we don’t need to worry. We are more powerful than he is! We have Christ living in us.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you. (James 4:7)

When we commit ourselves to Christ, the devil is more scared of us than we are of him.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this subject.


11 thoughts on “Why I’m not Afraid of the devil

  1. This is slightly off topic, but your post reminded me of one of my pet peeves. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a parent, usually a mother, tell her young child ” the devil is going to get you if you do that”. Satan is not a prison warden, an executioner nor someone designated to serve as punisher. He isn’t in charge of hell and waiting to torture those who go there. He isn’t in charge of punishing sinners here on earth. He wants us separated from God because he himself faces a fiery eternity and is full of hate and lies. No, we don’t need to be afraid of the devil but we do need to be diligent to not let him influence and deceive us.


    • I’m not a parent myself so am not really qualified to talk about this but I have worked with children for a long time. I would be worried if I ever heard a parent say that. They should not be scaring their child like that, and it sounds a lot like spiritual abuse to me. They should be focusing more on the grace of God. Anyway, it sounds like the parent needs to stand up to their role of disciplining their own children. It annoys me when I hear parents say, the police will come and take you away as well, do they really want their children to grow up scared of those in authority. or when I have worked at mother and toddler groups and they say “Don’t do that or Alice will tell you off.” No, please don’t use me as a threat, when you are with your children you should be the ones disciplining them, of course I will stop them if they are going to hurt themselves or someone else though!

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  2. Well, as you know- I have been really feeling under attack for the last few months. I love this post, because the way you so eloquently describe Satan and the different perspectives out there helps me to gain a better understanding myself and also how others view him.

    I KNOW he’s real and kicking around in this world, punching some pretty powerful Christ driven people down… I must rise with confidence that Christ in me with DEFEAT the enemy! I will cling to Him through this current battle.

    I love the analogy of the germs!

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    • Amen, the battle is already won!
      I love the analogy about germs as well, when I first came across it, the whole thing suddenly clicked for me.
      Thanks for your comments, I’ll be praying for you during this time.


  3. Ah yes, that ever elusive balance… My dad often uses the metaphor of “not looking for demons in the Vegemite.” (For non-Australians: not looking for demons in absolutely everything.. Or maybe he just really doesn’t like Vegemite)


  4. Amen girl! I think the Holy Sprit helps us discern what is evil and of the devil and what is not. For example, I listen to certain secular music sometimes with no problem. One day I was listening to a song that was a love song, but I could feel a tugging in my heart that it was evil and so was the artist. I might not know why, but God does!


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