Great Christian Biographies That Will Change Your Life!


One of the things that has encouraged me in my faith, more than almost anything else, is reading real life stories of other Christians. Seeing their faith put in to action, and God coming through for them time after time never fails to excite me, and make me want to live a life similar to theirs. Here are some of my favourites, which I almost think should be compulsory reading for every Christian!

Chasing the Dragon By Jackie Pullinger

My dad gave me a copy of this book to read when I was about twelve years old, and it is one that has seriously impacted my faith. As a young woman Jackie stepped out in faith and got on a ship with no idea where she would end up, because she believed this was what God wanted her to do, despite the fact she had been repeatedly rejected by missionary organisations.  She ended up in China, in a slum called the walled city, where she worked with prostitutes and drug addicts, showing them Christ’s love, and transforming their lives. This book is such an awesome read, seriously!

The Cross and the Switchblade By David Wilkerson

David is a small town pastor in America, he feels God telling him to give up watching TV and instead spend his spare time reading the bible and praying. Through doing this God calls him to New York to work with young men in gangs, the last thing David would have expected, and something he feels less than qualified for! And yet God uses him, converting the most notorious gang members, and seeing people healed from drug addictions. This is a book that is so gripping that I read it in a day, and then lent it to my friend to read! I have now gone through several copies of this as I keep lending them out!

Run Baby Run By Nicky Cruz

The story of one of the first boys converted by the ministry of David Wilkerson. Nicky grew up in Puerto Rico, a son of witch, who would spiritually abuse him calling him a “son of satan”. Nicky moved to New York aged fifteen, where he ended up living on the streets and rising though the ranks of New York’s most notorious gang, the Mau Maus, to become there leader. Shortly after that God met him and changed his life forever! This is a great story of God’s transformation of lives and also of Spiritual warfare. This is another book which I have gone through several copies of.

Is that Really You God? By Loren Cunningham

The story of the how the international missionary organisation, YWAM, was founded. Loren stepped out in faith as a young man to found the organisation, and many other times, as God continued to lead his ministry. This is an inspiring book of what God can do when you learn to listen to him, and choose to trust him.

There are many other great Christian biographies out there, these are just a few that have really inspired me.

Have you ever been encouraged by reading about the life of another Christian?

Are there any other biographies you would recommend?

Finally, if you have never read one, I would really encourage you to pick one up!


15 thoughts on “Great Christian Biographies That Will Change Your Life!

  1. I’ve read the first three. “Chasing the Dragon” really ‘stuck’ with me as well.

    A friend gave me Keith Green’s biography. I’ve never been a big fan of Keith Green’s music (sorry to all the fan out there) but his biography was still worth a read. It was written by his wife after his death, and the latest version includes a bit more about her as well which gives it that extra bit of something.

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  2. I love reading Christian autobiographies! They are exciting and inspiring. I have not read any of the ones you suggest, so I will have to read some of them. I would add “Atlas Girl” by Emily Wierenga! It is a fast read, very inspiring, and informative about living with anorexia. Emily goes on mission trips, and gets married, and helps her mom fight cancer, and starts a new charity to help women in Africa, all while working on her relationship with God, and fighting anorexia. She blogs at –

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