Put on your Belt of Truth, Everyday!


This post is going to get pretty cheesy, but I guess that means you’re more likely to remember what I’ve written. (At least that’s what I keep on telling myself!}

Belts are important, they hold your trousers up, helping you to avoid an extremely embarrassing moment! Belts are also great for accessorizing, they can transform a plain or shapeless dress from frumpy to fab, in just a few seconds.

The first item of the armour of God is the belt of truth. This belt is not just a finishing touch though. It is an important piece armour. It holds everything in place, including the weaponry. It serves a real function. It is not just there to look pretty.

It is the same with truth in our life.

People can be so preoccupied with being tolerant of others that they become confused about what truth actually is. They may say, you have your truth, I’ll have mine, we can both be right. I say there’s no God, you say there is: we’re both right. I say Jesus was just a good man, you say he’s God: we’re both right. I say all paths lead to heaven, you say the only way to heaven is through Jesus: we’re both right!

What a load of rubbish! Could you imagine if a child was given a simple sum: what’s two plus two, and the child replies, I know! It’s fifteen! Do you think the teacher would say, well done, you believe what you believe, and I’ll believe what I believe, we can all be right, here, have a sticker? Or do you think she would send the child home with extra homework? I’m gonna go for the second scenario.

It’s the same with God, we can’t all be right. Either there is a God or there’s not. Either Jesus is his son or he isn’t. Either there’s one path to heaven or there’s many. We cannot all be right!

There is an absolute truth, and his name is Jesus.

Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the light, there is no way to heaven except through me.” He is the only way we can reach God. There are not many paths, only the narrow one. We can’t be wishy-washy about this. We need to make decision, do we believe the truth or not?

Please feel free to share any thoughts you have on the subject of truth.


16 thoughts on “Put on your Belt of Truth, Everyday!

  1. Preach sister! People are so “wishy washy” about truth that if someone believes strongly that something is true they can be seen as intolerant or hateful. There is a difference in believing in something and how it causes you to act. Jesus is the narrow path, and Christians need to be all in!

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  2. Absolutely! It’s so easy to get absorbed in the narrative of not causing offense, that we forget that the gospel is offensive (though this doesn’t excuse rudeness or unkindness). Also, I don’t think you were cheesy 🙂

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