My Christian Fiction Challenge!


Although I love reading, I haven’t read much Christian fiction, apart from the chronicles of Narnia and a couple by Francine Rivers. I guess I thought they would probably be cheesy, so never bothered to pick one up! Well recently, I thought I really should put my prejudices aside and give some a go. I set my self the challenge to read three books, and thought I might as well review them here.

IMG_0230From The Start by Melissa Tagg

I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed reading this very sweet romance, although it’s not something I would usually choose.

Kate Walker is an aspiring writer, suffering from writers block and still getting over a relationship which ended several years previously. She meets Colton Greene, whilst visiting her family in Maple Valley. Both of these characters are carrying a lot of excess baggage from the past which makes it hard for them to trust and build a new relationship with each other.

All of the characters in this story were likeable and easy to relate to. I loved the American Mid West setting, especially the parts set in Chicago, as this is where my husband grew up.

The story is told from both Kate and Colton’s point of view, some thing I always enjoy, so we are able to get inside both of their heads. I really enjoyed watching them grow as characters, overcome obstacles and move on from their paths.

I was surprised at the start of the book how little their faith was mentioned, however by the end you could see God’s hand on both of their lives, and how their faith affected the choices they made. This is ultimately a story of learning to forgive, move on from the past and of trust in God for the future

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a sweet romantic story with something a little bit deeper. I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for further books in this series.

IMG_0229Finding Me by Kathryn Cushman

I was really excited to read this book.  I loved the premise: After her father dies, a woman discovers her entire life has all been a lie; the mother, brother and sister she believed to have died in a house fire when she was a child are actually still alive. She then goes on a path of unravelling the lies she has been fed her entire life and discovering who she really is. I really like stories where family secrets come to light, so this did not disappoint. There is also a nice romantic sub plot, which was very cute.

Whilst this book wasn’t entirely realistic, it was a fun and entertaining read. There is a lot of soul-searching in this book and the character does grow in her faith, however I did feel that the whole faith aspect was kind of tacked on, as an afterthought, and at times it did feel a little bit preachy. I felt that this book could have gone a little bit deeper, in faith and other areas, as it has a really great premise, the author could have definitely done a bit more with the subject of fathers. These are just my opinions though.

However, this is definitely a decent book, and I was gripped throughout, wanting to find out what happened next. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys stories with a little bit of mystery.

IMG_0228The Creole Princess by Beth White

Out of the three books I read this was probably my favourite. Set in the gulf coast of America this is an exciting story about Lyse, a daughter of a freed slave and a Frenchman, living in a turbulent period of history.

This book tackles a lot of issues, most notably racism and slavery. Lyse’s cousin is a slave in bondage, whilst Lyse herself is a free woman. This obviously brings up a lot of questions, and strong links can be drawn between this story and the freedom that we find in Christ. This book certainly made me think about what it means to be truly free.

This book is fast paced, there is a lot of action, to keep you turning the pages It also has not one, but three great romances! Again the character in this story were all Christians, but they were maybe a little bit too perfect. Despite that, I really enjoyed reading this book, and would recommend it.

I enjoyed reading all three of these Christian novels a lot more than I thought I would. Yes, they were a little bit cheesy, and there and there seemed to be a bit of theme where the romantic interests were recovering from sporting injuries! But they did keep me entertained for a couple of hours. It was also refreshing to know that there would be nothing explicit in the books. I will definitely be reading more Christian fiction in the future, but not exclusively.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Do you ever read Christian fiction?

Are there any books you would recommend?


22 thoughts on “My Christian Fiction Challenge!

  1. I don’t mind a bit of ‘cheesy’, but it is good to have recommendations of books that aren’t 🙂 I’ve recently had a huge clear out of books that I concluded weren’t helpful to be reading, so it’s great to have some suggestions of what to replace them with!

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    • Yes, definitely, I don’t mind a little bit of cheese either, every now and then, the nice thing about Christian books is you know they will be appropriate, I like ones that really
      Make me think about myself and see my own sinfulness, I think francine rivers is really good at that, these were enjoyable too though 😄


  2. A few years back God placed on my heart to clean up what I take in. This includes TV, movies, books, and magazines. I do not exclusively read christian books but it is the majority of what I read. I love Rachel Hauck and am currently broadening my christian fiction authors by reading a series written by multiple christian authors to see if I like any of their writing styles.

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  3. If anyone’s a fan of Sci-Fi C.S. Lewis’s Prelandra series is excellent. Heavy going (but that Lewis haha) but thoroughly enjoyed the triology. Perreti is also a good read although I lost interest in “Monster.” And you can’t go past Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers! ❤

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  4. I’m one that avoids any preachy writing in novels – if the characters can’t show their beliefs then I don’t want to hear it – basically walk faith out practically in life situations.
    Highly recommending Stacy Henrie’s series Of Love and War if you like WWI or II novels. If you’d like to friend me at goodreads I have a lot of books shelved that you can check into.. EnJoy your journey 🙂

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    • I don’t like being preached at in novels either, I do like to be able to take something away from the story though, I guess getting the balance must sometimes be hard for the writers though.
      I really enjoy books set in the two world wars, so will definitely be looking out for that series. I will definitely friend you on good reads.

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  5. I read a lot of Christian fiction. I’ve recently discovered Jennie B. Jones because I’m writing a Young Adult novel so I’m reading Young Adult books. She’s fun to read and tells it like the character feels. I also like Davis Bunn novels, he used to write under T. Davis Bunn. I like Lori Wick, Gilbert Morris, Traci Peterson, Bodie and Brock Thoene and so many others. You are going to be blessed as you find Christian author’s books.

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    • Thanks Constance! I haven’t discovered any of these authors yet, but I will be looking into them on your recommendation! That’s really exciting that your writing a book, what’s it about?


  6. I re-read your blog all these months later. I just started reading New York Times Bestselling Author Ted Dekker’s novel: A.D. 30. It’s gripping right from the start. It tells about Jesus through the eyes of a Beduin girl from the time of Herod Antipus. Dekker writes some scary books that really get you thinking. He also wrote the three books with color names. I think the order was Black and then Red and then White. He’s an amazing author. God bless. I liked your blog featuring the octupi.


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