Dressing for Battle


There were people everywhere, probably thousands of them. The most unlikely of people, they represented all nations, all ages, all classes. Some were ill, some were poor, some were small children, but all had been chosen. Chosen to fight in the battle.

A man walked to the front of them, he looked both ordinary and special at the same time. He was man and God. He commanded authority. “This battle is not for the half hearted.” He said. “Once you are committed, there is no going back and no giving up. This will not be easy. It will last your entire life. You must be alert at all times, the enemy will attack when you least expect it.” For a second I wondered why anyone would want to take part in this battle, then I looked at him, and I knew.

He continued to speak, “I have prepared you with armour and only one weapon, that is all you will need.”

Around my waist appeared a belt. “This belt is truth, speak truth and remember my truth at all times.”

Next, a breastplate, on my chest. “Righteousness! You are righteous because of me.”

Sandals, upon my feet. “My gospel, which brings peace.”

A helmet covered my head. “My salvation, which I have given to you, work it out for yourself and never forget it.

A shield appeared in my hand. “Your shield of faith. Remember to be sure of the things you hope for and certain of the things that you do not see.

Finally, a sword, in my other hand. “Your only weapon, my word, use this to fight against the attacks you will receive.

“Carry these things with you at all times, they will protect you.

“Finally, remember, the battle may be hard, but you do not need to be afraid. I am with you. Always”

Please join me as I share some thoughts on the armour of God over the next few weeks.


4 thoughts on “Dressing for Battle

  1. I’ve been thinking about this topic recently, and just how much we need to put on our armour and be ready for battle. There is a spiritual battle going on every day and we need to be prepared.

    Keen to hear more of your thoughts in the coming weeks 🙂

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  2. Re-reading this today Ally. Still encouraging. Thanks for keeping this post online. See our writing on our blogs does matter. You never know when someone will find an old post and still be enlightened by it. May God send you many blessings today!

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