King Even in the Waiting


It’s hard to imagine what today would have been like for the disciples, Jesus had just died the day before, and they didn’t yet know he was going to be alive tomorrow. It’s easy for us though isn’t it, we already know the end of the story.

But, the disciple did not know the outcome, they had lost all hope. Their king was dead. They didn’t know that they only had to wait one more day until they could see him again, they thought it was all over! Everything they had given over the last few years, gone.

Have you ever felt like that. totally hopeless, as if there is no solution to the problems you face.

I want to tell you that there is hope. Yes, we know the ending to their story, but we forget that we already know the last page of our story, too. The last page which will go on and on forever.

This life is only temporary. The battle is already won. We get to spend all eternity in heaven with Jesus.

I wish I could keep my mind on that more. I wish I could remember that I already know the last page of my story. I might not know how I am going to get there, but actually, that doesn’t matter. Will we really care if we got the job, passed the test or if that person called us back when we are in heaven?

It doesn’t matter where the path takes me, I know where I am going. I have that hope.

if you are struggling with where you are in life right now, I would recommend reading an earlier post: Grow Where God Plants You


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