Holy Week Devotions: In God’s Kingdom

In Gods KingdomHow can a man be God? How can a servant be king?
In God’s Kingdom the king serves his servants, he washes their feet.
In God’s Kingdom the only undeserving one dies; taking all of our sin upon his shoulders.
In God’s Kingdom death is defeated, death is no more. The curtain is torn and man dines with God.
How God be a man? How can a king be servant?
In God’s Kingdom less is most, rich is poor, first is last.
In God’s Kingdom things don’t always make sense. Small things are really big things. The things that mean a lot to us mean nothing to him. The things that seem wise to us are foolish to God.
In God’s Kingdom the things that are done in secret are seen, the prideful are shamed, the humble are made high.
In God’s Kingdom the unwanted are wanted. The son of God: born in a feeding trough; His followers: the ones no one else wanted, fishermen, tax collectors, adulterers.
In God’s Kingdom everything is turned on it’s head. We can rejoice even in our suffering because we know that suffering produces perseverance produces character produces hope, and this hope will never put us to shame.
This may seem impossible, hard to believe: but in God’s Kingdom everything is as it should be and we are loved by our  King.

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