King Despite my Failures

holy week devotions wednesday

Peter the Rock on which Christ will build his church.

Peter the one with faith enough to walk on water.

Peter denied Christ, on the night he was crucified, when he was needed most.

How did Peter go from rock to denier, from faithful to faithless? How could he fall so quickly? Only the night before, he had sworn he would never deny jesus, yet here he was. He had denied him three times, to a servant girl. Pharisee or Roman, he denied Christ to a lowly servant girl. How quickly he fell. Jesus had barely been gone a few hours and yet he had already denied his Lord.

How easy it is to fall from grace, how fast it can happen. How quick we are to do the things we promised we never would.

Why is it that as soon as we think we’re doing well, right when we think we’ve finally made it, we do something to mess it up? I don’t know how many times I’ve been there, having messed up so spectaclarly, feeling like there’s no way I could get out of the mess I’ve made. But there is hope.

God didn’t leave Peter where he was, crying bitterly for just how badly he had done. Denying Jesus so quickly, even though he had promised he never would. Despite his failings, Peter was still the rock on which Christ built his church. God didn’t leave him, and he won’t leave us either.

No matter what you think of yourself, how badly you believe you’ve messed up or what you have done, God can still use you. Just like he used Peter, Just like he used Paul, who actually killed christians before he was converted.

God used these men, despite their failings, he wanted them.

Stop pretending your perfect, Stop waiting to become perfect, God wants you right where you are. Right now.

No matter how many times you have let him down, put yourself into Gods hands and let God use you. You will be amazed. After all, God absolutely loves making beautiful things out of our messes. All you need to do is run back to him.


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