Holy Week Devotions: The King on a Donkey

Holy week devotions

Kings generally like to let people know exactly who they are: they drive in expensive cars; wear fancy clothes and a crown; and generally like to make their authority and position well known to anyone who sees them. You would never expect to see a king driving a reliant robin or a tractor; that just would not fit their role as someone powerful.

And yet, Jesus rode a donkey, not a horse, not a chariot, but a donkey. He didn’t need to show his authority, people knew he was king, even though he didn’t wear a crown.

They laid down their coats, they waved their branches and they shouted. “Hossana! Hossana to the son of David!”

He was a king, and they knew it, even though he didn’t look like one, even though he didn’t act like one. They knew who he was, the Son of David, one of royal descent, their king. They had seen the miracles and heard the sermons, they had made their own minds up.

It’s the same today, Jesus doesn’t demand for us to worship him, doesn’t force us to see who he is. Oh, he could do if he wanted to. He could come down from heaven and reveal his glory to the whole world right now. But he doesn’t.

That makes no sense to us, as humans. We love for people to see our achievements to praise us for them, to tell us how amazing and special we are. But Jesus doesn’t, even though he’s the one who truly deserves our worship.

He leaves it for us to work out who he is. Is he a good man? Is he a prophet? A blasphemer? Or is he the son of God, the king of kings and the lord of lords?

Who do you think he is? This man who rode on a donkey and yet was worshipped.

If you ask him, he will show you. If you look for him, he will reveal all to you. if you knock on his door he will open it and invite you in.

He is waiting for you, and when you realise who he is, you will not be able to help but worship.


2 thoughts on “Holy Week Devotions: The King on a Donkey

  1. Ally, Our church had a donkey outside the church entrance this weekend, so we could see what Jesus rode into Jerusalem on. A donkey is not very big, not impressive at all. Our minister said, riding in on a donkey was a sign of peace in their culture. Jesus was saying a lot, by riding a donkey that day! Thanks for this post.

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    • Wow, that’s a really great idea, bringing a donkey into church, not sure how it would work in the middle of london though! I never knew about the donkey being a sign of peace, thanks for pointing that out 😄


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