Book Review- A Beautiful Life: Discovering the Freedom of Selfless Love by Kerry Clarensau


I finished reading this book today and loved it! It’s an inspiring read about loving selflessly, even when it feels impossible and the joy and freedom that can bring.

The writer uses stories from her own life and the lives of her friends to demonstrate this truth. At the end of each section there are questions to think about or discuss, making this a great book to look at with a friend or someone you are mentoring.

Whilst this book is a very easy read, (I finished it within two days!) don’t be fooled into thinking it is shallow or fluffy. This book challenged me in many areas of my life and I know it’s one of those books I will be coming back to for more guidance. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if I read the whole thing again, but more slowly this time.

If you want to learn how to lead a beautiful life and experience true freedom then read this book, you wont regret it! If I had a physical edition I would be lending it to everyone.

If you’re interested you can find it on amazon here


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