There’s No Place Like Home


Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong, as if you had no where to call your own? As if you didn’t really have a home?

I think that everyone feels like this at times. I certainly felt like that when I was nineteen. I had just finished a gap year in London, and really didn’t know what God had in store for me next, so I moved back home for a while. The only problem was my home had moved. My parents were no longer living in Essex, but had moved half way across the country to Liverpool. I really didn’t know where my home was, where I belonged.

Eventually I realised that my home isn’t the place where I live, not really. My home is in heaven.

As Christian our home isn’t really earth, we are only passing through. Our home is heaven. I used to think, well when I die, I will have a place to cal home. That’s what people say at funerals isn’t it? “They have gone home.”

This is true, heaven is our eternal home and earth is only temporary, but whilst we are on earth we can still have a home. A true home. Our real home is found in God.

Some of my favourite bible verses are found in the Psalms of David, and if there was ever someone who knew what it felt like to not fit in, it was him! Yet he is able to say “In the Lord I take refuge.” He knew that His home was really found in God, and our home is too.

If you ever feel lonely, unsure of where you belong, as if you do not really have a place to call home. Remember God is always your home, he is your stronghold, your refuge, your place of safety and you do not have to be afraid.

No matter where you are, how far away from friends or family you are, how far from everything you know, you always have a home. Your home is in Jesus.


3 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. People move so often now that it has become increasingly difficult to find a place we can call home. Children especially get attached to a house and neighborhood they grew up in, but parents may have moved far away. It is definitely an adjustment that more people have to deal with now. I like the idea of thinking of Heaven as our home, and everywhere else is just temporary!

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