Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall; Who’s the Fairest of them all?


At my parents house there is a home video of me. In this home video I am sat in front of a mirror posing, checking my self out from each direction, playing with my hair and rocking back and forth on the chair. This video goes on for, I’m not joking, about ten minutes. I must have been about nine years old at the time.

As i have grown older, I have not always had such a great relationship with the mirror. As a teenager with glasses, acne, and more hair than I knew what to do with, I really, really, really, didn’t like looking in the mirror. I would avoid it is much as I could, even when it was awkward to, like in public toilets.

Neither of these approaches to looking in the mirror could be described as either good or healthy. We shouldn’t just sit there staring at ourselves, thinking about how beautiful we are. At the same time, we shouldn’t be worried about looking in a mirror, scared of what we might see.

There is a great bible verse in the book of James: Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror 24 and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like. (James 1: 23-24)

When we read the bible, or hear a sermon it should challenge us. It should make us see imperfections in ourselves, like we often do when looking in a mirror! When we have seen those imperfections, the things that are wrong on the inside, we shouldn’t just walk away, ignoring them. We need to do something about it.

When God shows us the messiness inside our hearts, we need to do something about it. We might need to say sorry, we might need to change somethings that we have been doing, or we might need to forgive someone. What ever it is that we need to do, we should do it. After all, who looks in the mirror, sees a big dirty mark on their face and doesn’t try to clean it up.

We do not need to be scared about this though, like I was scared of looking in the mirror. God loves us, he is kind and does not want to hurt us. We must realise that whatever he wants us to change is for our own good, even if it seems impossible at the time.

God loves you and thinks you are amazing, after all, he did make you! He wants what is best for you. You can trust him on that. The question is, are you willing to listen to him? Are you willing to do what ever it is that he wants you to?


4 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall; Who’s the Fairest of them all?

  1. Yesterday, God showed me something I needed to do something about. I laughed – I just knew God was speaking because it was something so obvious, yet I would never have spotted it myself. I didn’t like the change, but I am so glad God is speaking to me. Like the best parent, he corrects his children because he loves them. You’ve hit the nail on the head, Princess. Thank you!

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