Getting into the wheel barrow- Focus on the one who pushes


Hello, I know this is the second post if the day, but a lot of people have been wanting to share on here this week!

My very good friend friend Linsy shares some things that God has been saying to her recently, I hope you are as encouraged as me!

Have you ever struggled with your faith? I know I have. Even though I call myself a Christian it doesn’t mean my life is all magically worked out. I’m married to a Pastor so in one sense my life is supposed to be constantly filled with God and we are supposed to be a “spiritual beacon”. I’m supposed to be constantly connected to God, but I have struggles just like anyone else and I have times where I wonder where my faith is and what I’m putting my faith into.

Last week I attended a prayer meeting at another local church. The guy giving the talk was speaking about a recent mission trip he had attended and started talking about faith. He started with this story …

Imagine you are in a city, There are high rising buildings like the empire state building all around. There is a crowd gathering around you and you notice everyone is looking up towards the sky. You see there is a man with a tightrope that is stretched between two buildings planning on walking across. He yells down to the crowd “who thinks I can get across?” Everybody claps and cheers him on. He then gets out a wheelbarrow and yells down “Do you think I can get across with the wheel barrow?” Some people at this point aren’t so sure and walk away leaving the rest of the group yelling- “yes, yes you can do it go on!” The man then says “ok well whose going to get into the wheel barrow then?”

It’s easy to get swept up and say “oh yes I believe” but when you are personally challenged to get into the wheelbarrow how easy is it? To be honest it’s very scary, what happens if I fall out of the wheelbarrow? What happens if the rope snaps?

This reminded me of the story in the bible Matthew 14 22-33. The disciples where in their boat and a storm had picked up. Suddenly Jesus appeared walking on the water. At first they were terrified thinking Jesus was a ghost but he said to them not to be afraid. Peter turns to Jesus and says “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water” (vs. 28). Peter focuses solely on Jesus and things seem to go well but the he suddenly realises what he’s doing and focuses on the wind and waves and he starts to sink.

It’s like the guy with the wheelbarrow. We focus on the situation and not on the person whose pushing the wheelbarrow. God can and will put us in situations that we feel uncomfortable and scared in and some times he will feel far away, but we must focus on he fact that He is in control.

God didn’t let Peter sink he took him by the hand and they got back into the boat. God will never let you sink or fall. So don’t focus on the impossibility of a situation or how far away God might feel, have faith in the one who pushes the wheelbarrow.

Me and Linsy studied at bible college together for three years and have been bridesmaids for each other. I consider her to be one of my very best friends, although we don’t get to see much of each other at the moment. I know that everything she shares is genuine.

If you would like to share please get in contact. You never know who might need to hear what you have to say.


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