Book Review: The Vow by Kim and Krickett Carpenter

Before I start this review I want to say: I read this book and loved it, then watched the film and didn’t like it at all. So much so that I couldn’t even make it to the end, despite trying more than once. So if you have seen the movie and like me, didn’t enjoy it, please, please, please give the book a chance. It really is worth it.

On the front cover it says The Vow: The true events that inspired the movie. I think that it would be fair to say that the movie is VERY loosely based on the true events, and can totally understand the authors desire to publish the events as they really happened.

As another side note it is worth mentioning that Kim is the man, and Krickitt is the woman, just to avoid any confusion. On to the review:

The book begins by telling the romantic story of how the couple met, from the point of view of Kim. It really is a very sweet story, their initial contact was through telephone calls to the sports shop where Krickitt was working, which leads to them talking on the phone; meeting up with each other in New Mexico and eventually getting married. This perfect love story does not stay so perfect for long though.

Only ten weeks after their marriage disaster strikes. They are in a terrible car accident, leading to Krickitt being in a being in a coma. Almost four months later she awakens unable to walk or carry out many basic tasks and with recollection of the past two years. Not even remembering any of her relationship with Krickitt.

The remainder of the books tells honestly and openly how the couple dealt with this. How their faith was tested and strengthened through this trial.

The Vow is a testimony to the marriage covenant. How they were able to keep the commitment they had made, despite the odds being very much against them.

I personally could not imagine having to go through this, and the faith and commitment shown by Kim and Krickitt is an inspiration. I would really encourage anyone to get hold of this book. It also shows how God can work in all situations, making even ugly things beautiful. On top of this it is a very easy read, I managed to finish it within a night.

It is available on Amazon here

I really love reading Christian biographies, they always encourage me in my own faith. I would love to hear of any you could recommend.


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