Love is…


Last year I asked my Facebook friends to complete the sentence “love is …” Here are the results:

Love is unconditional
Love is unending passion
Love is forgiving even if you are hurting
Love is God
Love is to give
Love actually all around
Love is the only thing in this world hat covers up all pain
Love is letting someone eat your last rolo
Love is like oxygen
Love is Jesus
Love is family and friends
Love is the experience of the goodness of God. It only exists because of him and His goodness
Love is all powerful
Love is inherently free, it cannot be bought sold or traded
Love is a verb
Love is acceptance
Love is walking hand in hand
Love is being married longer than I have been single
Love is forgiveness
Love is what makes the heart smile
Love is everything

Greater love has no one than this: That he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Love isn’t always easy, and it’s not just a feeling. True love requires sacrifice.

The New Testament has three words for love

Phileo: friendship love
Eros: romantic love
Agape: a love based on giving and not getting

Love isn’t just chocolates and roses. Love can be friendship it can be romantic and it should always be sacrificial.

You do not need to be in a relationship to experience love. God loves you perfectly, more than you could ever imagine. Marriage is just a reflection of this (an amazing one, but never as good as God’s love)

I never got a Valentine’s card until last year, when I was 25! Does this mean I wasn’t loved until I was 25? No way! I have always been loved.

This Valentine’s Day share the love, and please, please, please don’t waste it watching fifty shades of grey!

Love you Joe xx


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