If I had it to live over again I would… Risk more


If you had your life to live over again, what would you do differently? This was aquestion posed to a group of 50, all aged over 95. Overwhelmingly, three answers appeared, these were: I would reflect more: I would risk more and I would do more things that left a lasting impact after I die.

They say the things you regret most in life aren’t the things that you do, but the things that you don’t do.

Living a boring life is easy, all you have to do is never take any risks.

I recently overheard someone saying that they had got every job that they had interviewed for. I’m sure that they were proud of them-self, but honestly, I’m left wondering if that’s because they never took a chance. They never applied for a job they weren’t certain that they could get, they never risked anything.

In my life I have met people who honestly believed they’d had a day if they just travelled two stops on the bus. People who had never been to our capital city, people who had never pushed themselves in any way. I could not imagine living a life like that and yet some people choose to. But why?

Are they scared? Probably. But I guess that there scared levels are just a little bit lower than mine. That’s all. Yes I have lived in towns all over the country, pushed myself in lots of ways, but still, there are risks that I haven’t been willing to take.

My husband left his home country aged twenty for the chance to in the London Fire brigade. He wasn’t even guaranteed the job, just a chance to apply, I don’t think that I could have done that. His scared level was obviously higher than mine. But his risk paid of, he got into the London Fire brigade, and more importantly, he met me.

If we want to walk on water, we have got to be willing to get out of the boat. Peter walked on water, he trusted that Jesus wouldn’t let him down,he stepped out of the boat and walked across the water, until he took his eyes of Jesus ,of course.

If we want to live an exciting life, we need to push past our initial fears, let go of some things, maybe money or security, but most importantly, keep our eyes on Jesus, who knows where he might take us.

Today, I want to. encourage to push past your scared level, what ever that might be, trust in Jesus, and see what happens.

This is the second part of a three part mini-series, why not read the first part: if i had it to live over i would…reflect more. Tomorrow we will be thinking about how we can make a lasting impact after we die.

If you have the time, I would thoroughly recommend listening to this sermon by Tony Campolo: http://tonycampolo.org/if-i-had-to-live-it-over-again/#.VMPrlH6QGrU


5 thoughts on “If I had it to live over again I would… Risk more

  1. Dear “Princess”, Sorry to hear you think us “up north” so boring we get our kicks riding on the bus..I can assure you lots of us travel far and wide and not just on the bus!! We have certainly been to your capital city and thank God every day that we live with friendly,compassionate people “up north” who give thanks to others when their hospitality is given.
    Also many of us meet our partners as we go about our daily and social lives.(yes we have social lives up here)..When I first saw my wife,I was gobsmacked,and still am over 40 years later,although I havn’t checked her out on the internet I think I’m safe.
    I genuinely hope yours lasts as long,if not longer,and is blessed with as mutch love,
    Hope you are both well

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    • Haha, sorry to cause offence! I’ didn’t actually say that I thought people from the north of England were boring, and I know that a lot of them do travel and lead exciting lives, I was just surprised when I met people who had never been to the capital city especially when you can get there easily within two hours! I guess I was just playing to stereotypes. (And I had to put up with a lot of them being a southerner living in the north, so should really know better lol) at the end of the day I have met boring people from the north and the south and I have met friendly and compassionate people from the north and the south, and you and yiour wife are some of the most friendly and compassionate. At the end of the day I was just trying to make the point that no one pushes themselves as much as they could, and a lot of people look back on their lives wishing they had taken more chances.
      I’ll get rid of the from the north bit, I guess that it’s not necessary.
      We are well thanks.


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