Testimony: Arguing with God Doesn’t Work

Before getting married to my gorgeous husband, I worked for a church up north, in a town called St. Helens.

As part of that role I spent a lot of time at their partner school. Because if this I would regularly walk the ten minute journey between the two, sometimes several times a day. One of the first things I noticed, after starting this job, was that this walk required me to walk past the local spiritualist church, something which as a Christian, I am very much against. Just in case you are unaware of spiritualist church I will quickly explain why as a Christian I am against it.

Spiritualists openly attempt to communicate with the dead, something which is forbidden in the bible, it’s basically witch craft.

Anyway one day I was walking back to church, as I passed the spiritualist building I noticed that the doors were open and two women were stood in the entrance, I thought nothing of it and continued on.

Then God started to nudge me, “go and tell those women not to go in.”

“No I’m scared.”

“Go and talk to them.”

“No, there will be a massive scene, they are probably already upset, maybe somebody close to them has died, they will probably scream at me and people will see.”

“Just go.”

“But I’ll look dead weird if I turn around now.”

“Just go.”

Eventually I realised that I really didn’t have any choice in the matter.

“You’re going to have to go.”

And I did I turned round and walked back to the building , praying, I must admit, that the two women were no longer there. (I know… I was working at a church and was scared to talk to two women!)

Anyway, they were both still there and the word kind of tumbled out of my mouth.

“Don’t go in there, God told me to tell you not to go in there, just don’t go in please don’t go in.”

They must think I’m mad!

But they listened they turned round and walked out, there wasn’t a scene, nobody screamed, it turned out that one of the ladies hadn’t wanted to go in anyway.

Why didn’t I just trust God in the first place?

It’s not often that I hear God’s voice as clearly as I did that day, but when I do I now know that you can’t argue with him and win. He knows what needs to happen, you just need to get involved with it.

I am wanting to do a regular testimony feature, but it will be boring if it is just stories from my own life. It would be awesome to hear what God has been doing in peoples lives around the world. If you would like to share a story of how you came to know Christ; what God is doing in your life now or something he does in the past please get in contact. You can do this through the comments or the Facebook page.


10 thoughts on “Testimony: Arguing with God Doesn’t Work

  1. God works in BIG and small ways. I cannot begin to say how amazing God has shown His glory in my life in this comment, but I would love to share a testimony of God’s outpouring of love and grace in mine and my husband’s lives.

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  2. You should definitely try Yorkshire pudding, it’s gorgeous! My husband is American and misses a lot of the American food though, especially the sweets and fast food, he says it’s got a lot more flavour.


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