The Bible is Like the Monopoly Rule Book


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You can’t start buying until you have gone round the board once.

If you role a six you get another go, but if you role three sixes you have to go to jail.

There is no such thing as the free parking rule, please don’t get me started on the free parking rule, it is not in the rule book, have a look if you don’t believe me!

In case you couldn’t guess, I’m a bit of a fan of monopoly, and when I play monopoly I have to play by the rules, and so does everybody else. Before we start the game I make sure that everyone knows the rules, according to the rule book, of course. But it’s not only at the start of the game. Throughout the game the rule book is right by my side, ready for whenever we might need it!

For a long time there has been a bible verse that I really couldn’t understand, it can be found in the book of psalms chapter 119 verse 97:

Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long

The idea of loving the law seemed totally bizarre, what kind if person loves the law? Apart from lawyers, and I’m definitely not a lawyer. I always tried to forget about this verse, surely it wasn’t relevant to me. That was until I realised the bible is like the monopoly rule book.

When I play monopoly, I want to make sure I am playing as best I can, and to do that I need to look at the monopoly rule book. Not just at the start of the game, but constantly. I need to keep on going back to it, just incase I missed something.

If our life is like a game of monopoly, then the bible is definitely like the monopoly rule book. If I want to live the best life I can I need to look at the bible, not just once, but constantly. When I’m not sure about something I need to look at the bible. When I need encouraging, I need to look at the bible. I need to fall in love with God’s law, I need to fall in love with the bible. In life I need to be as passionate about the bible as I am about the rule book when I play monopoly.

If life is a game of monopoly then the bible is the rule book.

The bible can also be described as many other things:

A lamp and a light Psalm 119:105:

A light helps us to see in the dark. The bible helps us to find our way if we are lost or confused.

A mirror James 1:23

Like a mirror shows us what’s going on outside, the bible can help us understand what is going on inside. But it’s important not to forget what we have learned when we stop reading the bible, but instead go on, and make the changes that need to be made.

A SwordEphesians 6:17:

The bible is the best weapon we have to defeat our enemy, the devil. It is sharper than any two edged sword: Jesus used scripture to fight the devil, and so can you. If you ever feel tempted, look to the bible, and find the power to fight the temptation. If you find your mind is being filled with depressing, evil or untrue thoughts, read the bible and find freedom from these thoughts.

Food1 Peter 2:2:

Like food fills us up when we are hungry, the bible fills us up when we are spritually empty. If you fill tired and weary or emotionally exhausted read the bible. Like it’s hard to function when you are hungry, it is hard for a Christian to function when they a spiritually hungry. Food also helps a child to grow, reading the bible helps us to grow as Christians.

This is just a short list of descriptions for the bible, there are many more!

As I have covered why it is important to read the bible, my next post will be covering how we can read the bible.


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