A few thoughts on Internet Dating

I met my husband on the internet.

He advertised himself as an American whose job was putting out fires.

He was hot!

And of course he was a Christian, what more could a girl ask for!

He messaged me, and then we texted, the next day we were on the phone until three am. Two weeks later he travelled from London to Liverpool, we ate Nandos, drank hot chocolate and watched a movie (I’ve got no idea what it was now!) After some massive phone bills and a small fortune in train fairs, he took me to America to meet his mum, and to propose! Less than a year after that first message we are happily married and wondering what on earth 2015 will bring.

Why doesn’t every one else use internet dating sites?.

I understand some people might be worried about weirdos, maybe you’ve watched a few too many episodes of cat fish and are worried you might end up talking to someone who is lying about themselves, pretending to be twenty years younger or lying about their sex.

I guess there is a risk, but for me it was obvious that Joe was real, he wanted to meet up with me! If he was lying about something, that would become obvious pretty quick.

But to be honest this doesn’t seem to be the main problem which a lot of people have with internet dating. I meet a lot of Christians who believe that if God wants them to get married he will provide them with a spouse, and they don’t need to do anything about it. These are people who in every area of their lives are real go getters. If they want something, they will make it happen. But when it comes to dating they will sit inside, waiting for the person that God has for them to coem knocking on the door.

Because of course God can’t use the internet to answer prayers. Well apart from if the prayer is for a job, then of course God can use the internet to answer that prayer, because where else are you going to find a job these days? But when it comes to dating we are supposed to just sit on our bum and wait for price charming.

Yes there are times when that does happen, but these are very few and far between. Most of the time it won’t someone won’t just turn up on the doorstep. As in every other area of life it’s important to put yourself out there. And why not, you never know what might happen.

If you do want to try out internet dating my advice would be to just do it. Use a good site, I would reccomend christian connection: https://www.christianconnection.com/uk Just write the dreaded profile, you can always change it later. Don’t take yourself seriously. I thought it was kinda geeky that I Admitted to a love of wearing cardigans, but this was one of the things that attracted Joe to me.

If you do want to meet someone obviously take precautions, let someone know where you are going and make sure to do it in a public place.

If you are reading this and are under eighteen years of age please do not think it would be a good idea to lie about your age a join a dating site. But by all means pray that God would begin preparing your heart for future relationships and that he would bring the right person to you at the right time.

I love hearing how couples meet, if you met your husband on line i would love to find out more about it, if you met them in a more traditional way it would be great to hear from you as well.


9 thoughts on “A few thoughts on Internet Dating

  1. What a neat story you two have!
    As for me, I met my husband at a Christian camp when I was eleven and he thirteen. His mom was my cabin mother. We didn’t “get together” then of course. In fact, we didn’t meet again for another eleven years, when my dad became the minister of the church Hubs attended. Even then, it was two years before we started dating! After we became engaged I found out his dad had spent the last thirteen years saying he hoped his son would marry someone like “that little Preston girl we met at camp”. He even tried to get Hubs to call me up out of the blue, as a teenager, and ask me out. Funny thing is, I wouldn’t have gone out with him then. I was not interested in “guys like him” (simple country boys). God had to do a work on both of us to prepare us for one another.
    Thanks for sharing your story.


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  2. Awesome!! I also don’t support that ‘I will just sit at home and pray and do nothing about it, the LORD will provide’ I mean come on. At the same time I am very skeptical about dating websites Not everyone meets love the same way. Anyway wish you and hubby all the best in life. awww ❤


  3. Really interesting take on the internet dating! I am bit skeptical about it, how would I know I was ready by Gods terms? God really can do anything he wants, if He wants us to meet on a dating site or in person, He could do that. I feel that as long as I am in HIS will He will bring the right person at the right time. So many times we force what we want in the time we want, it’s hard to see the line merge with Gods timing and internet dating. Marriage is so so important, it’s a lifelong commitment which cold ultimately lead to raising children and you want to be sure you are in God will in that regard too. It was an interesting analogy to use, but I can’t seem to find a link between finding a job on the internet and finding a marriage on the internet, if the job doesn’t go well, quit and find a new one it’s no big deal really, if the marriage doesn’t work you can’t just quit and find a new marriage, it wasn’t a contract you signed, it was a covenant made with God and you don’t break covenants. Still, it’s nice to see other Christians perspective on it all.


    • Hi Sabrina,
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I agree that God can use so many different ways for us to meet people, the Internet was just the way it worked for myself and Joe, and we are both so grateful for that! I think that you know it’s the right thing in the same way you would in any other relationship, by praying about it. I think that if we want to meet people, in particular someone with the potential to become our partner we often need to put ourself out there. I know of Christians of have changed churches, helped at youth camps and all sorts of other things to enable themselves to meet new people. I see Internet dating as just another way of putting yourself out there. If you really don’t think that’s what God wants for you then of course don’t do it, but maybe pray about it a little first and make sure it is not due to your own fears or preconceptions. For me, after praying about it for a while I decided it was the right thing to do, but of course I was nervous. I think that in this day and age it can be really hard for Christians to meet other Christians of a similar age, certainly in the uk, and I have found using services like christian connection can be a great way to do that. Thanks again for commenting x


  4. My husband and I also met on a Christian online dating sight. We will celebrate our 15th anniversary this year! I have suggested to other people to try a Christian dating sight. Some people think it’s lame, but I think it is a good way to meet people, as long as you are honest on your profile. My husband and I lived about 5 miles away from each other, but would not have met except I saw his profile online and asked if he wanted to talk. Our first face to face was at a restaurant, which was a safe way to meet. Congrats on your marriage!

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    • Lovely story! Me and my husband lived a bit further away, so we had to spend an absolute fortune on train fairs!
      I think dating sites are a great way to meet people with the same beliefs, it’s a shame not everyone is so open minded about it though.


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