sliding into sin


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When I was little my family  and I used to spend a lot of time at the local play park, sliding down the slides; swinging on the swings and spinning round and around on the roundabout. I don’t remember much from most of those trips to the park, but there is one that really stands out to me.

This particular time my dad took me and my brother to the park one summer evening. I was enjoying climbing up the steps and then sliding down the slide over and over again.

One time when I got to the top of the slide my dad shouted to me ” Alice do not go down the slide!”

What, why wouldn’t dad want me to go down the slide, I’d been down that slide probably hundreds of time in my life.

” Alice do not go down the slide, whatever you do, don’t go down the slide”

But going down the slide was fun and why wouldn’t my dad want me to have fun, he did love me after all.

“Don’t go down Alice”

I went down the slide.

As it turns out the girl who had gone down the slide before had wet her self on the way down, the slide was covered in urine, and so was I.

I should have listened to my dad.

This tells me something about sin. There are so many things in life that look fun, but deep down we know that they are not a good idea ( I’m not going to list them, I’m sure that you can already think of loads) Then there are the things that aren’t exactly sins, but we somehow know that this isn’t exactly what God wants for us. But it looks like so much fun, and God loves us, so why wouldn’t he want us to have fun?

The thing is God has a different perspective, from the top of the slide I couldn’t see that it was covered in urine, but my dad could. We can’t always see the consequences of our actions, but God can.

If we do not listen to him we can end up covered in urine (metaphorically speaking) and in a complete and utter mess. we need to listen to him, but so often we don’t I know I don’t, and keep on making the same mistake over and over and over again.

The good thing is that God doesn’t want us to stay in a mess. In the bible it says that “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:25

After I had gone down the side my dad did tell me off. “Why didn’t you listen to me, Alice?” And I was rightly embarrassed.

But then he took me home, cleaned me up, and has never bought it up again.

If we say sorry to God he wipes the slate clean it’s like we haven’t sinned. But that doesn’t mean we should keep on doing bad stuff so God can keep on wiping the slate clean, there are still consequences to our actions, but I feel that’s a whole other blog post.

To think about:

Are there any things that God is challenging you about, things that look like fun, but you know, deep down, that you shouldn’t really be doing?

Is there anything that you need to say sorry for?

Do you really believe that God can forgive you?


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